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HOW LONG YOU BEEN DRAWING, GIRL? - "Since I could pick up a crayon, *squeek*!" People always say that, well, maybe not the squeek part. But yeah, tis the truth, have been drawing since I can remember. There's a lotta people out there who say "I been drawing for about 2 years now!" and it kinda shocks me that people sorta sit down one day and decide to become artists, just like that. It would be like me deciding one rainy afternoon to be an opera singer or something! Drawing is one of those things I think you should start at from an early age, and never conciously remember when that actually was.

WHAT DO YOU USE TO COLOUR YOUR PICS WITH? - It's a secret ingredient known only to me and a few others who no longer live.......Naw, I use Crayola colouring pencils much of the time, my old work anyways. Much of my new work contains acrylic paints and marker pens; there's nothing like a good experiment! Especially when it goes well! My even newer work at university uses a lot of the program Paint, though I'm not sure whether I'm happy with it or not, doesn't feel totaly individual, know what I mean?

CAN I USE YOUR ARTWORK FOR (INSERT REASON HERE)? - Sure matey, as long as you ask me first, there's info there that it's done by me, and there's a link back to this site! No stealing artwork, not that I think anyone's gonna steal art from here!

WHO DESIGNED THIS HERE SITE? - A great friend named Ryan Button, he's an artist and website designer extrordinaire! All I did was simply give him a rough design layout with colours, and here's the result, cool eh? You can find him in my links section, go there!

WHEN ARE YOU GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD? - When I feel like it, alright?! I think I'm too lazy to take over the entire planet anyways, I think just London would do me fine, and all the people in it. I'd probably send everyone in London away; would have my own personal city!

WHAT IS THE GREATEST FOOD EVER CREATED ON THIS PLANET? - I don't think this question will ever have an answer. For years, I have had this raging debate in my head, and the most recent choices have been chicken korma, a bag of chips with salt and vinegar, sweet and sour pork, and donuts. *Slurp*

WHO'S THE MOST GORGEOUS OUT OF HUGH JACKMAN AND JASON ISAACS? - Don't you feel you're being a little cruel, making me decide? Hrmmmm, well both have the loveliest of bodies (tall, broad-shouldered), and they both play some of my fave film characters (Wolverrrrine, and ahem, William Tavington). But naw, neither compare to a *young* Harrison Ford. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, they're both no competition I'm afraid. *Pervy smile*

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