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We start this page off with a personal favourite of mine - George! What happened was, I walked into my kitchen, and he'd grown enormous! So I quickly took a photo, and can you believe, this is from my height? He was big I tell ya! Next second I look, he's all small and stubby again. I better keep taking the pills.
This is me getting my daily walk round the block, is very tiring. But, as certain people keep telling me, I eat faaar too much, so I of course need the exercise! I get to stare at Asti's tasteful pink trainers, life can't get any better!
I took this near Heathrow airport, and the planes are always REALLY close and low when they fly by, so why the hell does my photo make it look really far away? This thing was so close!!! Ah well anyways, here's more proof that England does actually get nice weather!
Duuuh?? Asti shows off her surpreme intelligence to us all yet again. I think that kid in the background is onto her though, he can see through her 'clever' disguise.....Oh, and Ast, here's yer proof to show Zol that your hair *can* actually be blue, hehehehe!
Scheisse is all I can say! There was an atmosphere of terror across my house, while this thing roamed the wall. They shoudn't be that big! Was expecting (hoping) Frodo would come in and stab the thing! And you know what? No one knows where it went to....
I was sooo glad I caught this on camera! While waiting for the train to stop, I saw this GIANT hand reach outta the sky towards Asti! I should have let it take her, but she had latte money on her. So a quick shout of "OI!!!!!" and it was gone. Real story!


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