"In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but heaven knows, Anything Goes!" - since my mum sung these words to me, I have wanted to see the show, and finally after half a year, my wish came true!

*Cue hyperactive tapdancing* Ahahah! Not sure what it is about tap dancing that makes me laugh. Used to do it as a child, but was always a little too rough. And let's not get started on ballet! Anyway, for my mum's 61st birthday, she wished to see a show; her main 2 choices were We Will Rock You and Anything Goes. Now, seeing as she saw WWRY for her birthday the year before, and Anything Goes was to close in August, thought it 'best' that she saw the latter. Now there's been some discussion with people over this, as it was a well known fact that I was desperate to see the show, but had just not gotten round to it. It appeared as if Satan-Trudi had reared her scheming head, smote her mother down, and proclaimed, "You shall see Anything Goes because I wish it, har har har!!" Please believe me that had she wished to go on her own, I would have sent her on her Scottish lonesome, but where's the fun in that? So this is not really a case of Homer Simpson and the bowling ball, people, my mum really did want to see it! I was 'dragged' along, kicking and screaming...out of the building ;) My dad nearly had a heart attack booking up the seats, and only after his wallet had given him the kiss of life was he able to come to.

Drury Lane theatre is said to be the 'oldest working theatre in the world' (I never realised theatres sought employment!). Much to my saddness, I watch a silly show called 'Most Haunted', and one such episode was filmed in the theatre. So you can imagine my glee when I walk in, look up at the main foyer, and say "Yvette walked round there!!" Urgh. I am so sad at times it's embarressing. My sister and I went up as high as we could go (I was reminded very much of the Palace theatre), and looked for the 'haunted' seat in the Upper Circle. Asti laughed,"This is where Halem warned him!", a comment which will sadly not make much sense to anybody. Oh, is worth mentioning that down the side of the theatre is a small church, where my sister and I were christened. I was desperate to enter the theatre, but my mum insisted on dragging me round and practically throwing me into the church door, shoving my face into it and repeating over and over again, "This is where you were christened!!" I bloody well know!!! Good grief, I was about ready to kill when I remembered it was her birthday....

Sat down inside, and took a look at the gathering audience. All must have been 60+! But a lively audience indeed! Had 2 on front of my mum who didn't stop kissing throughout (oh they were young people btw, before you go running!). There was a woman on front of my sister with a rather large hairdo. "Why do I always end up behind women with 80s haircuts??" she complained. And I, unusually, had no one on front, so had a lovely view, heheh. Now, apologies in advance here, but out of the whole gigantic theatre, why do we always end up with latecomers on our row?? The fuckers! The show had actually started, and we had to stand up to let these idiots get past (we were right near the front, so had a whole army of tutting behind us). They sit down, and then one says in shrill tones, "Oh dear, where is he? He was just behind us!" Cue another idiot wanting to pass by, so up we rise again!!

Onto the show (at long last!). Have heard John Barrowman on quite a few recordings, and was glad to say he sounds exactly the same in person. Good grief, his profile looks soooo much like Christopher Reeves (am sure he's heard that countless times!). Very energetic, perfect for the role as the main character. Sally Ann Triplett (as Reno Sweeney... hahah, Sweeney!), was just as great, a rather cheeky character, who got to sing my fave lines at the top! I know someone who would have *adored* that green dress she was wearing. Full marks to her also for shooting off that blue streamer at me during one of the songs (it sits with all my programmes now, heh).

The role of Lord Oakleigh was being understudied by a guy named John Stacey. The name seemed familiar, and once he walked onstage, I immediately elbowed my sister saying, "He played Javert!" So ahem, I'm not at all biased when I say he was fantastic ;) The character is a real posh guy who, gawd blast it, can't get the hang of Yankee slang! Also had a habit of doing this aaaaaawful guffaw, which made me laugh, as I think that's what much of the world think of when they think of the English (other than beer-drinking louts). He's getting married to a woman, neither of whom really fancy each other. The highlight of the entire evening (other than 'Anything Goes') was his song, 'The Gypsy in Me'! The moment he started bashing that tambourine against his head and sides, the whole theatre clapped along, as he leapt around the stage, hair all in a mess, singing away. Was brilliant, and Sally Ann Triplett (who he was singing to), had this priceless bemused expression on her face. Ahem, he could also do splits in the air, so I was won over.

There were other characters like the 'gangster', who sung this wonderfully tone-deaf song, about a bird tweeting (you had to see the actions that went with it). And threatening to shoot everyone with a violin is something I've often thought of doing ;) There was the typical letchy old guy (I seem to be seeing shows with that character type in a lot recently), who was wandering round the stage using binoculars as glasses, hah! Should recommend that to my dad next time he loses them.

My only gripe with the show is the best song, 'Anything Goes', is at the end of the first act! Loved it, with EVERYONE onstage tap dancing (had brief images of Jerry Springer the Opera flash through my mind), but really feel that it deserved to go at the end, it's such a finishing number. The set worked well, that spinning instead of the floor. But have a feeling it would have looked better in the Olivier theatre as opposed to the almost cavernous Drury Lane. Had seen 'Forum' the night before, and have to say I much prefer the more smaller, intimate theatres. Am glad I wasn't sat at the back, and it would have felt like all the action was happening a few miles away! The queues for toilet-business were GIGANTIC, so word of advice to people - go to the toilets up at the boxes, the queues were non-existant.

But anyways, enjoyed the show, would love to catch again, but it'll soon be finished. So shall just have to remember what was shocking in olden days...

- Clicketh here for the original National Theatre cast album! You have to pay of course...

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