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Faramir ohhh Faramir! What happened to you? Was it the drink? Was it the horses? Or was it simply the adapted screenplay that changed you from such a lovable character to a sulking bitch?

Before seeing LOTR: TTT, the character I most anticipated was Faramir. The actor who played him, David Wenham, looked perfect, but I was yet to hear his voice. Watch film, oooh look, it's him! *Excited clap* Mmmmm, he has a nice voice! He's being a little nasty to Frodo and Sam, but that's understandable, he does start off like that. *A little while later* Ok, he's still acting up. C'mon, where's the bit where he backs away from the ring and acknowledges he won't take it? *Dramatic pause* "The ring will go to Gondor!!"

WHAAAAAAAAAT???? Panic set in. This wasn't the Faramir I knew! He'd never do a thing like that! Poor Frodo and Sam are pleading to be let go, but their cries are falling on deaf ears to this cold git! Not a flicker of emotion in those eyes, he almost looks smug! Help! It takes a lecture from Sam and a bloody Ringwraith to finally change his mind! *Cue lots of crying*

Faramir's change of character made it hard for me to enjoy his scenes the first time I saw the film. What I always loved about him was that he was the complete opposite to his brother, not some Boromir clone! "Oooh look, it's the ring, I think I'll claim it as my own! No wait, for Gondor! Daddy will be pleased!" Him and his dad really don't get on that well. I can see that he'd want to prove himself, but I'm not sure that he'd do it at the expense of others, especially such innocents as the hobbits. The whole scene at Osgiliath had me shaking my head though. I didn't object at all to elves being at Helm's Deep, nor the new flashbacks with Arwen and Elrond, but Osgiliath had me shaking my fists with rage at the screen! No no no! The hobbits never journeyed that far, they were straight off from Ithilien to the lovely Shelob! And Frodo was never that far under the influence of the ring to be handing it around to passing Ringwraiths. I really don't agree with that.

On the plus side to all of this, to date (14th Jan), I've seen the film 6 times, and Faramir has grown on me. I mean, he did start off very suspicious of the hobbits, and even threatened to kill them at one point! A lot of people seem to have some memory of him as a saint or something, but he's a hardened man of Gondor!! *Cough* Plus there's been much discussion that Peter Jackson wants to see the character of Faramir "grow", from being a bitch to less of a bitch. I mean c'mon, Eowyn is to fall in love with this guy, he's gotta be at least likable! So we can expect to see him nicer in the next film then? He'll be in trouble with his dad, but I suppose he's used to it ;)

I don't mean to bitch too much! I think that David Wenham is very sexy, and looks and sounds the part! And he certainly plays being a sly character very well! I'm sure after I've seen Return of the King, I'll wonder why I kicked up such a fuss. Change is good, so they say! I don't always agree with "they" though.

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