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Sir George - A Life

Dedicated to my favourite male in the world, who had to be put to sleep on Friday 14th, March, 2003. George, I will see you again! Much of this page will be tongue-in-cheek though, as George and I mostly played together, and were always play-fighting ;)

I thought I'd better begin with a flattering, cute picture of George, looking his most dazzling! In his later years as you see here, his coat began sprouting bits of brown all over the grey. His dad was a short haired black cat, his mum a persian blue longhair. What a couple!
George was never a normal cat (whatever normal is!). Here he displays his sexy behind to the camera! Shake it George! See how his back end is extended towards the sky? Amazing.
George mad? No dear sir, I think you're quite mistaken! My dad used to sometimes call George "Lawrence" after some cross-eyed lion I've never heard of. Neither had George. We gave him funny looks when he brought imaginery Lawrence up ;)
George always had big paws for a cat. Lion size, y'know? Peer carefully, and you can see the rippling muscles underneath those tufts of fur!! George was known to lift 10 people once, who stood between himself and a can of Whiskas. *Fact*

George was not known for wandering, he was a house cat (read lazy).But we had this chopped down tree at the back of the garden, which sometimes George would scale, as if reinacting the act of climbing a tree..only...not. Did I mention George wasn't big in the brain department? ;)


He's smiiiiiling!!!!! :D How sweet! C'mon, you know it is! His right paw, slighty facing outwards and limp. as if making a gesture. "Ohhhhh yes I *quite* agree, the chicken tinted biscuits are simply exquisite! Pass me more wine! Rmmmhmm, quite! Oh yes, quite!"
Behold!!!! *Choirs screech in unison* George's magnificent tail!!!!! *Thunder clap* Now what a tail this was! It has to have been the shortest tail on a cat I've ever seen! Gawd knows what it was like when he was but a scratchy kitten...My Aunt used to joke that he got it cut off at some point, the only explanation! But I loved it :D
You can see the dawning look of horror on George's face, as he wonders what use these photos could go towards....My private collection, George! Beware! He had a lovely arse, no really! Flaunting it about whereever he went. Not like I er, snuck up and shoved the camera there, ay? ^^;;;;

We finish on a picture which sums up George to me. Eyes slightly crazy and crossed, light gleaming dangerously in his eyes, and a sexy natural fur coat that other cats would pay good money for!

You're gorgeous, George!


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