19TH MARCH Oops! Sorry for the delay in updates! It's been very busy at work; well, not so much work, but as in travelling. Me and the Lady T are doing 4 hours+ worth of traveling each day, and it's not fun. :/ But enough about that, here's some cool news - me and Truds are off to New York at the beginning of next month, wow! I've never been to America, and New York's always been appealing (Broadway, here we come!) Can't wait, can't wait! *hyperventilates slightly* Please tell me everyone's been playing We Love Katamari and Shadow of the Colossus? I hope so, and if not, why not? ;) In terms of updates, I have added more to 2006 (and fixed the broken links there, oops) and also a COMIC I did in 2005, which now sees the light of day! Next update should be next month, fingers crossed!

2ND JANUARY Hiya! I'm updating today too! Hope you all had a happy Christmas and fun start to the new year - I saw lots of fireworks in the rain, yay! Truds has said everything important really, but I'd just like to add that this place will be updated more; we left this place alone for faaaar too long - you should've seen the thick layer of dust I had to wipe off of it! Disgusting. So yes, updates aplenty! I've added quite a bit, so I just suggest looking at the latter part of my 2005 art section. Ooo, and say hello to the new 2006 section!

2ND JANUARY Hullo all and welcome to 2006! I am dreadfully sorry this site hasn't been updated in months, but due to the amount of hours we work and the time it takes travelling to and from work, I only get to go online sparingly :( Asti and I are still working at EA Games, yaaay! I highly recommend the game 'We Love Katamari' when it comes out later this month in Europe (ok, so it's not an EA game, but we did work on it a little).
New art includes a CHRISTMAS CARD, and 3 new images of something rather hush hush I'm working on with some people - if I told you their names I'd have to kill you (......or make you drink Dr Pepper, yuck): 1, 2 , and 3. A big hello to Iain - sorry about that text which was on the site, has been changed if you want to look ;) Right, am back off to play 'Grand Theft Auto' on the PSP, is highly addictive.
P.S. My mate David has created his own website: www.mablox.com He's a highly talented artist, and I advise you all to check him out! David, design a banner so I can add you into my links please :)

Hello! Oh my, you wouldn't believe the busy week me and the Lady T have had! In just over a week, we had interviews with EA Games (of LOTR, Harry Potter, Burnout and various sports games fame) for games testing, got the job and have been working there for 2 days! It's quite unbelieveable, but fantastic! All thanks to a very kind lady in charge of university relations - she also gave us a great tour of the concept art department for the latest HP game; it looks fantastic, and I would quite probably kill to be working in that area. ;) Testing's a lot more techincal than I thought it would be, though I'm sure we'll get the hang of it. :D Only problem is that it takes us 2 hours (or more!) to get there, and 2 hours home again, which is a bit tiring; I might start sleeping under my work space there. ;) Anyway, I did a LORD OF THE FLIES image a few days ago - such a great book, and proves that kids really are evil. I'm in the process of scanning in all my rough work to accompany my older pieces too! Auf Wiedersehen for now!

25TH JULY New art - a WEREWOLF! Ahhh, but is he a man turning into a wolf, or a wolf turning into a man? Is there a name for that kinda thing? Was meant to see 'The Fantastic Four' yesterday, but the prospect of kids running around and shrieking in the screen put me off, shall try and see when it's quieter, if such a thing is possible! Dammit, let it be September so all the kids are back at school ;) I shouldn't say that really, as I never used to want August to end. Look at me, only out of school 4 years, and I'm sounding like an old woman! Not got my rocking chair yet though.

22ND JULY Updates! For your viewing pleasure, I present to you the imaginitvely-named APESNAKE, und Herr SKULL MONSTER. Just saw 'Dark Water'; no way near as good as the Japanese original, which even then wasn't fantastic...Not scary at all, and I'm usually quite useless in horror films ;) A car went up in smoke and flames outside the cinema though - that was more interesting! *BOOM* Hahaha, listening to Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds at the moment, love it love it! "Come on Thunder Child!" *Geeky laughter* Guh huh huh!

21ST JULY Oooo, I enjoyed the new Harry Potter book! Although in saying that, I don't think all that much actually happened in it until towards the end. I won't say any spoilers here, but all I will say is that I don't believe a certain character is really evil; I think it's all a plan. ;) Ahem, anyway - it's inspired me to create a bit of Harry Potter-related art, featuring Harry vs a DEMENTOR, scary! Also up we have some CURSED SISTERS, (I know the feeling) and a Titan going for a walk in the SNOW with it's parents. I've been reading Lord of the Flies again, so maybe I'll be inspired to draw a picture relating to that. :D Oh one other thing - I'm probably gonna start uploading my sketchbook work, so you can see my work processes and how I got to the final image! Right, I'm orf to play God of War, as my sister has finally relenquished her death-like grip on the PS2 after a week...

20TH JULY Some new art here, of a HUGE MONSTER! Inspired by the new game, 'God of War' *said in deep tones*. Very 'Devil May Cry' and 'Onimusha'-inspired, but made by Westerners! Great fighting system, but it's the level design that's amazing. And I finally got my claws on 'ICO', without the aid of eBay (take that!). Was up till 3am completing that ("Where's there a bloody save!?"). Yoorda would be nothing without me, I tells ya. Aaaaaaand of course that new Harry Potter book just came out! I um, did queue up gone midnight, but c'mon, what else did I have to do at that time other than watch Big Brother? My fave character seems to be a traitor now, but we'll see; I still hold out hope that he really is a good guy!

14TH JULY First off - we saw Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls! Rejoice! I can die a happy fangirl now. Secondly, last Friday me and the Lady T graduated from university (note the order of these 'major events' ;) We are now BA Illustrators, wow! All we need now is some work. ;) I've been sending off samples of my work, but have yet to hear anything back - musn't give up though! Ugh, it's so hot here at the moment, I feel like melting - there's no fan in my room either, other than the one currently struggling inside this computer. Still, I've managed to get some pictures done! One of a little girl giving a gift to a big MONSTER, aw. Second is a joyous occasion - a MARRIAGE! Over and out!

10TH JULY I present to you, a song for my mum. *Cough* Right: "Happy birthday to you, You are now 62, Happy birthday dear muuuuum, Go and buy something new!" Hi hip hooray x3. Well, it was her birthday yesterday, but anyway! I wanted to make her a cake, but our whisk is kaput - it's a wedding present of hers back from the 70s! Some updates for you: some BIRDS, a BLAAT and a SUNFLOWER (the first and last are a bit evil, dontchaknow). Am off out to see 'The Descent' now (or The 'Decent' as a friend calls it), am hoping it's scary! No luck on the job front at the moment, oh woe is me. But chin up, keep drinking the coffee, and never lose hope!

5TH JULY New picture of a ZOMBIE WORKER here, inspired by good old Resident Evil 4. I've been cursed by a bad luck demon of late. My university website won't let me log in and check my grades (though I got near enough all the same marks as Asti, and she got a 2:1). Worst of all, Asti and I went to see Guys and Dolls last Friday, and Ewan McGregor WASN'T ON!!!! Awful! We'd booked those seats back in JANUARY, using christmas present theatre tokens and saved up money. I must say, I wasn't impressed with his 'indisposition' at all. The show was great, but that wasn't the reason I paid *choke* £55. :/ Have seen 'War of the Worlds' twice, and am still not sure on it (why in America, why aren't they Martians, why do the aliens look so cute?). I'm obviously hard to please or something ;)

28TH JUNE A few pictures added for moi that I've keep meaning to have put on here, so here they are - a GUARDIAN, an evil TREE, my version of the BEAVER AND FLEA image (I did one for Truds!) and a new type of FASHION which might possibly start a trend. ;) So I'm still keeping hard at work! As the Lady T mentioned, I'm now a yellow belt at karate - I'm so proud! It felt weird not wearing my old belt, but I can't complain really, hehe. It's so difficult doing karate in this hot weather though. *melts* I want a good thunderstorm (and at night too! Always at night; looks better).

25TH JUNE Updating spree! Bit of a weird animal thing going on; there's the COWLS, the KINOK, and urrr, the BEAVER AND FLEA for your viewing pleasure! First week with no Dr Who on tv, how will I cope? I admit to being very cynical at the start, but really have enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as the 9th doctor, just a shame he's off! Still, fingers crossed at David Tennant as a doctor in a kilt, though he sounded suspicously Cockney in that glimpse at the end...What am I meant to watch tonight on tv?? I'm gonna tape *something* on BBC1 tonight just to feel better ;) Though there is that Bill Nighy thing...
P.S. Thank gawd the heatwave has departed! My room is a sauna in the summer, and ice cave in the winter.

16TH JUNE - Well done to Asti, below, who is now a yellow belt in Shotokan karate! *Bows* (She still can't beat me up though!). 2 new pics from me: a BEAST and a CHAV (heheh!). Omigawd if you have time, please click on this link HERE - it's for this amazing new game coming out called 'Shadow of the Colossus' which has me drooling already! Those huge monsters, woooooow. Seeing 'Batman Begins' today, don't hold much hope for it, so am hoping to be surprised. Still, Christian Bale and Liam Neeson, what's not to like? ;)

15TH JUNE Two new pictures by yours truly, my FLYER and just some WILDLIFE from the local woods. Hey, I have some news! I did a grading at karate on Monday night, and I am now a yellow belt, woo-hoo! I skipped two belts (well I have been there for two years and not done a grading) I'm so pleased! It was quite nerve-wracking though, and I made some silly mistakes which I'm kicking myself over, but nevermind. Nerves, I say! I feel sad to have to put away my white belt. I'm almost tempted not to, and might keep wearing til I reach black belt. It'll probably turn that colour by then anyway! ;) Still continuing the search for jobs; think I'll start sending out samples of work to different publishers and see what happens. Oooo, I really want a cup of coffee! Give me a latte!

13TH JUNE A statue from Erewhon drawn HERE. All I can think about right now are those plain doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, mmmm the smell, and watching them all trudge along the conveyor belt.... Also thinking of lemon chicken alongside a baked potato with cheese, mmmmm!

12TH JUNE Updates! Click on the links to see the WOLF BEAST (thingy) and a POSTMAN! Am in that VERY scary stage of searching for a job. Although concept designer on a game is my dream, I think it would be most valuable to work as a games tester for now, to know the ins and outs of games, what works and what doesn't. Course, I play enough games as it is, but still! How am I meant to get a job like that though? Hopefully, by living in London, I still have more of a chance... Saw Sin City the other week - probably the most faithful adaptation I've ever seen, done to the script and shots! Still the same dull stories, but just go to see it as a piece of art :) Or read the graphic novels!

5TH JUNE Phew, the exhibition at Brick Lane in the old Truman Brewery is going well. I say 'well', but I honestly can't say how well as I haven't heard anything yet! I've had a few business cards taken, as has the Lady T, so that's a good sign! The opening night/private view was crazy though - so busy! (the free alcohol probably caused much of this - the middle space in there was like a runway for people to march down in order to get to the bar ;) To entertain ourselves, me and my friends have been playing a variety of card games, Connect 4 and chess - all we need now is Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders. ;) It's good fun wandering around at the exhibition itself; it's so nice to see everyone's made it this far and have progressed so much - well done guys and dolls! (Hehe, I'm seeing that in a month! Ewan McGregor, yum) I have actually updated too - in a bit of a Star Wars mood, so just had to draw something related to it! Look! Also, there shall be a new link to a uni friend's website in the links section too! Must dash now, my good people - the exhibition continues!

30TH MAY More updates! Click here on the 2005 ARTWORK page for me, and they're under the 'Trial comic' section. The Playstation 2 crisis is over - my sister managed to get a cheap new slimline one at her work! It's soooooo cute! But when we're playing a 2 player and an agitated person tugs on the controller, it can pull the wee PS2 right off it's perch! Star Wars Lego is such a great little game - am always playing as Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, and soon, Jango Fett! Ahem, have seen the new film 3 times now...
"He killed the Younglins!" *Puts hand over mouth and sniggers behind it*

28TH MAY A large of update of work from yours truly. Have *finally* got my act together and put up the images from a book I did earlier this year on motorbikes and ghosts (a normal combination, dontchaknow). If you go to my 2005 ARTWORK page, you'll see them all lined up under the 'Drink Drivin' heading. Also another unrelated image posted, shown HERE. Terrible news! My Playstation 2 has decided to become a bitch and no longer work properly!! "Disc read error'?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was gleefully about to play Star Wars Lego, but it was obviously not meant to be! I've had the PS2 since it's launch day, in November 2000, so it's had a good life, longer than most. *Sniff* RIP, my beloved PS2! xxx
(P.S. Anyone wanna help me buy another? ;D)

25TH MAY Me again! Wow look, we're actually updating often - this is a good start. ;) I've just been uploading the rest of my artwork on here, so checkout my updated galleries HERE, HERE and HERE, voila! (I've noticed the word 'HERE' is used a lot; maybe I'll start saying 'THERE' instead, hehe) I've put a lot of my older work on here too, aaargghh! I think it's interesting to see how someone's 'progressed' though; I always love looking at an artist's older work too, as opposed to just newer stuff. Saw Star Wars again last night, wheeee! I loved it (again) though some guy had actually brought a really young kid in with him; thankfully they left before the end, as I'm sure the sound of wailing would've been heard when Anakin's cooked body appears on-screen. *sings* Must see it again! Must see it again! ('Kill the pig' ;) Ooo, I must read Lord of the Flies again. ;)

24TH MAY Aww,look below, Asti's first ever update! Who says I have anything to update with? Maybe I just wanna be at the top! Actually, I do have new artwork up on the 2005 original artwork page, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, aaaaand HERE. Whew. Got to meet some American friends last week (hullo Craig and Maribeth!), they were really lovely people, and we all saw a show together (the perfect evening!). And they'd kindly brought over a Sony PSP with them, so you can guess who's all smug now? :D Why oh why is Metal Gear Ac!d a card game? I've NO IDEA what I'm doing with it. Still, at least I have Spiderman2 and Alfred Molina to leer over, ur, watch. And Star Wars last Saturday - I admit to wanting to cry, it was the last ever after all! During the adverts, 2 guys got up at the front and had a lighstaber battle, but when I tell this to others, no one believes me! It really did happen though!

23RD MAY Asti here! Good day my fellow internet users *bows*. This is my first update here, ooo! As you may or may not know, I'm Trudi's sister and she's kindly let me share this webspace with her (fear not, I've paid her plenty of money) I've got a whole army of images to upload on here, and it takes a long time so I've only got a few on here so far! They're located HERE and HERE! Just in case you're interested in yours truely, I've updated my own little section, though I warn you now that me and the Lady T are rather similar!
In other news, we saw Star Wars Episode 3, and I absolutely loved it! I admit to hating the first two prequels, but this one was a good 'un. I think this was the one Lucas had been wanting to make in the first place anyway, and it showed! I was almost in tears when the Jedi were being killed off *sniff*. Naturally I'll have to see this film a squillion times before I catch everything that's happening on-screen (talk about detailed SFX!)
Anyway, over and out for now chaps and chapesses!

14TH MAY Notice anything different? This site has had quite an overhaul; have removed lotsa graphics so pages load easily, and the above links have now become my lovely handwriting, ahem! But biggest news of all is I am now sharing the space with my sister! You'll soon see her updating this place with her own handiwork (just as soon as I teach her Dreamweaver, ohhh boy...!). But as I'm a kindly soul, here's some of her most up to date work: ASTI'S BRAND SPANKING NEW GALLERY. She's not got round to commenting on it or anything, it's just me being ultra keen to get her on here. Actually, I was held at gunpoint to update her stuff, but we won't go into that...Star Wars music on the radio, wow, will be seeing a week from now (musn't sound like a fangirl)!!!

9TH MAY A gigantic update from yours truly! Whew, has taken me ages! I've split up the art sections by placing them in the years they were drawn. So to see all the new artwork, simply go to the 2005ART page. This is my LAST EVER official week of university - I shall soon be a BA of illustration, unless I make some kind of catastrophic f**k-up in the next few weeks (must touch wood now!). Still playing Resident Evil 4 - was up at 1am shrieking at this monster thing, frantically trying to attach an infra-red scope thingy onto my sniper rifle before realising the thig was standing next to me and - well, as panicy as it all sounds, it keeps me sane!

26TH APRIL I am aliiiive (I say, with help from Dr Frankenstein)! You may or may not believe me, but the cause of my absence from updating this site has been lots of drawing! That's right, I have been drawing non-stop for the past month (and urr, before that of course). No theatre for me, alas. I have 5 new pics up for you, all Hunting of the Snark related, listed here: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE! Were you expecting the titles? ;) I have a whole other load of work to put up, a book involving ghosts and a motorbike chase, but it's getting the time to convert the Photoshop files to jpegs, oh the ordeal! But they will be up soonish, never fear! Nearly finished uni now; been there 4 years (including the foundation course), and will be very sad to leave it and the great people I work with there. I love studio environments. *Sniff* Free time has been the cinema, and playing Resident Evil 4, inbetween gaps of shrieking and screaming at the tv, throwing away the controller, and whining that there's no zombies. Zombies are faaaaar scarier than European hillbillies.
Seeya all for now!

1ST APRIL No April Fools trick played on me, perhaps cos my sister was still asleep, and my dad never seems to know what day it is anyway. A morning and semi afternoon spent sketching my motorbike - you can see the highlights found in the SKETCH section. Also been doing a little uni work (ok, one drawing) here of a TIGER MAN! Not anthro. NOT anthro! Am pretty happy with this new style I'm working with, which is quite unusual for me. Saw the American version of Ring 2 yesterday - waste of time, not as good as the Japanese, but then again, neither were needed, the first film should have been stand alone!...................... need a coffee!!

29TH MARCH A review of the nasssssty show known as FESTEN is up in the Bitchin' section. Don't get me started on that, urgh. Am currently replaying Metal Gear Solid 3 when I really should be doing uni work. But har har, I fought The Fear without getting shot at once, and the guidebook says this is only "theoretically possible"!! *Gloat gloat, though no one has a clue what I'm on about* My sister is playing Resident Evil 4, the first game in the series not to contain zombies, so I may just play this one. Though Asti warns me there are many "panic moments", which is not good for a flailing gamer such as myself. *Sniff* And not a single theatre visit for the month of April, though of course that can be changed *rubs hands evilly*. Seeya all soon!

24TH MARCH A new ORIGINAL ART here, my dears. In the land of America, the new Sony handheld console, the PSP comes out today! Forget the Nintendo DS! Ohhh and there's a Metal Gear game at its launch...! I am VERY tempted to import, but all the big websites want you buying some horrendous bundle, with 'Joe' Madden whatever rubbish games with it. The UK currently has no set date for when it arrives, which is simply appalling. *Drums fingers* The pound is strong against the dollar, and it'll be some ridiculous price when/if it ever arrives here. Sounds like it'd be cheaper for me to hop across the ocean and pick one up in person ;)

23RD MARCH I completed Metal Gear Solid 3, and am now on a low, believe it or not. Whilst playing these games, I work myself up into a frenzy of "Must complete it, must see the ending!!1!11!!" Then I do it, and am suddenly thinking, "Hmph, well what else is there to life now?" ;) It's all brilliant, and for the raging fangirl in me, there was a *SPOILER* love scene!!! Got to see Snake *suggestive tone* naked(ish)! And believe it or not, his actual codename was 'Naked Snake'. In later games, he goes on to have 2 sons called Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. Nothing suggestive there at all... Well, there's a mini game that involves you running through the levels hiding from and attacking cutesy monkeys, which is as weird as it sounds. Also got a James Bond tuxedo for Snake to wear, which he shall forever don whilst I play with him...the game, ur, the game I mean.

22ND MARCH Some FANART of Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3 (guess who's obssessed!). Heaven forbid I I do some actual uni work at the moment. I think I'm just about to fight the last boss, and *sniff*, that's it for another 3 years or so till the next game! Still, shall go through this game again and again until I know every corner and every secret bit inside out. Has been a fantastic game, lots of costume changing, eating, being chased, etc etc. The music still doesn't match up to the original game though, annoyingly enough. Dug that out last night, and was humming along, eyes all misty with nostalgia ;)

16TH MARCH Been in a bit of a drawing mood, how's that for an artist?? So there's a FANART pic (from the Legacy of Kain series) and some ORIGINAL ART, where I was testing out some new paper (oh the joys in my life, heheh!). Got Metal Gear Solid 3!!!!!! Oh my gawd I am so rubbish at it! I've spent 3 hours so far, and have only passed through 2 enemy screens. I spend my entire time hiding in grass, s.l.o.w.l.y. watching the guard's walking patterns - isn't gaming fun? I'm pretty scared of the guards in this game, they're actually intelligent! I like the whole idea of hunting food and eating it, though I just wish once he could find a chocolate bar or something ;) And there's no mention of drink, not that I'll find a coffee lake as I'm wandering throught the jungle...

Guten Tag und hallo! New art work HIER und HIER, meine schatz. Uni work piling up, whilst the tutors and lower years stroll round Venice, oh the torture! In other news, my parents have bought a new mattress, and left the old one out the front of the house for the council to pick up the next day. Welll, during the night, it was nicked!! How odd/desperate/disgusting is that?? I would like to have seen this person dragging it away - maybe they lay it atop a trolley or something! Perhaps it floated away like a magic carpet...? There was a story going round that some people went through some trash outside another's house, pulled out a doll, and then a few days later, that doll was sitting in the thief's front window! Ha! No shame in this area. Can't see a mattress lying in someone's front window, but still. Am off to the famed Atlantis on Monday for fresh supplies - did I say it was an art shop? ;) Hopefully shall find it straight away this time, and not have to ask for directions, and get funny looks....My paint levels are dangerously low I tell you. Tschus!

28TH FEBRUARY 2 new pieces of artwork up! Both on the same page, so sorry if they take awhile to load. Click HERE m'dears. The 28th already! I was looking at the UGC cinema times, and oh look, there's previews for the 30th of February, how unusual! I've repeated this to a few friends, but nobody seems to get what the problem is...! I just saw a bit of snow outside. Maybe the weather forecasters got it wrong - London shall be submerged by snow THIS week!

Boo hoo! Last night was my fave West End performer's last performance at Phantom of the Opera, which I was lucky enough to see! He made a speech! If you'd like to know more, read my REVIEW here! Have spread out all the Phantom reviews now, still have to do with other stuff. Off to see The Life Aquatic later today, I hear it's about nothing, and only enjoyable if you like "random" stuff, which I don't particularly. But Bill Murray's in, so let's give it a chance! EDIT: I really enjoyed it!

I for some reason seem to enjoy myself the most when I am slightly stressed - mind is constantly active, no time to dwell on things. Have been drawing tons, but it's scanning the stuff in that takes time, so for now, here's ARTWORK of a tiger, as well as some MORE. Am trying to catch up on my theatre reviewing, but for now, here's my take on A LIFE IN THE THEATRE (Patrick Stewart, wow) and HIS DARK MATERIALS, PART 1 (wonderful, and part 2 is safely booked up). I was able to catch the London Symphony Orchestra peforming a night of John Williams music, and (believe me, this really happened!), at the, all these stormtroopers came out, as well as a guy dressed up as Darth Vader, who swapped his lightsaber with the conductor's whatyacallit, and proceeded to conduct 'The Imperial March' with the orchestra. Boba Fett was on the cymbals. I kept thinking I was about to wake up, I have never seen anything like it ;) I am getting uni work done, honest! If it wasn't for the coffee machine, I would be a very unhappy person.

Lack of updates, I am so sorry, but there's not a lack of work, I tell you! Just hard to find the time to actually have anything scanned in (nevermind the drawing!). Free time (which is becoming less and less) involves drinking endless amounts of coffee, getting crushed in fanatical crowds at Ikea, watching many rubbish films (though wasn't that 1934 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel great?), and getting beaten up at karate. One of my fave West End singers, JOANNA AMPIL, has a cool website, which if ya click on her name, will take you to her site. Been chatting to the webmaster, who is very cool :) She now joins the ranks on my theatre links page, amongst all my other fave actors. There's quite a few missing, maybe I should have a look around. Ha, when I find the time, it's no doubt hiding in some corner! Everyone take care! Seeing Patrick Stewart on Friday, can't wait!!

I'm updating again! Uni starts again on Tuesday, so cramming in one last update. New artwork, HIER (Hunting of the Snark-related), HIER, und HIER (both Phantom-related). Whew! Saw 'Sideways' today, which I really enjoyed, especially for a shot near the end of a guy running towards the car...Had me in hysterics anyway ;) Everyone was seeing that Fockers film, but it really ain't that great y'know. We've just had the living room painted a tone called 'camel', which the catalogue said was a dark-tannish colour. The final result though is an off-white terracotta. No matter what colour we paint the living room, it ends up bloody white!! A few years ago we got 'dove white', which was meant to have a 'hint of blue' in it. Where?? When I get my own place, the colours are gonna be disgustingly vivid (though NO red rooms, tempers are frayed as it is, heh!). Right, off for a coffee!

Due to my seemingly constant appreciation/obsession with the show Les Mis, I have sorted out my seperate views of it onto different pages, so the page doesn't take too long to load. Shall most likely do the same with other shows that I've seen more than once, as I suppose it's good manners to make this site easier for people to read after all! So my new LES MIS review is up, click on that link! Lotsa new artwork, none of it scanned in though, whoops. Saw 'Meet the Fockers' today, not bad, but if you wanna see a good film, go see 'A Very Long Engagement.' Am drinking more coffee now, but still not filter, which admittedly is killing me slightly ;) Back to university on Tuesday, my last 12 weeks left, then thrust out into the 'real world.' Seeya soon!

2 new pieces of ARTWORK, sketchpad work really, but I thought they were acceptable enough to put online. Not been feeling too good these past few days, so shall keep this brief. Anyone know a recipe for mulled wine? Am going to look up through Google anyway, but thought it would be worth asking. Bye for now!

Hullo! New artwork HERE, one of those rough little sketches that you think to yourself, "Oh I may as well paint it now I'm this far!" Have actually got quite a few new pictures for your 'viewing pleasure', but it's rather late, and the scanner has been making weird noises - I think it's on its way out. I will never live if that thing packs up on me, ohhh to afford an A3 scanner! I talked to the illustration external examiner in university today, he was actually quite pleasant! Even more shocking, he liked my work! There may be hope for me yet!
P.S. Saw C(s)hitty C(s)hitty Bang Bang last Friday, and I NEVER in a million years want to see it again. That's all I have to say ;)

9TH JANUARY New artwork updates HERE und HERE. Although those images were drawn last year, so currently no new work for 2005 (oh I have been drawing, but it's nothing viewable, urgh). Also another review for SWEENEY TODD, also from last year - see how long it takes me to get round to things? Saw 2 films today, 'White Noise' and 'Zatoichi'. The first actually made me jump a few times, but had Michael Keaton in, so has points taken off ;) The latter had one of my fave Japanese actors in, and had a bizarre, musical ending (which I enjoyed!). Managed a cup of coffee today with no headache, but had still best stick to tea for now (oh the torture!). Omigawd I meant to say, Aladdin was brilliant; Sir Ian McKellen has good legs y'know! And Roger Allam sung! *Dies*

7TH JANUARY Short new review of THE PRODUCERS up! Oh woe is me, my fave Chinese restaurant is closed at the moment down central London, which gave me a terrible shock. What is to be done?? I dare not stray to another, they'll know, they'll know! And Covent Garden are selling mulled wine for the RIDICULOUS price of £3 a cup, and it's a small cup at that! I was very desperate yesterday ;) What's worse, I currently can't drink *any* coffee at the moment, as it leaves me feeling terribly ill; someone out there is punishing me! Am desperately trying to keep the hysteria out of my voice when talking to people, so far so good. Can't remember the last time I didn't have coffee in my system, a few years at least...Saw 'Alexander' today, which were a few hours wasted of my life. My friend pointed out to me during what felt like 5 hours already, that we still had another hour to go! Not even hilariously dreadful, just...bad.

3RD JANUARY Happy belated new year my dears! I've been having complaints from the powers that be that I need to update this place more, seeing as I am on holiday. I've spent all my free time reading books, and playing the most wonderful Metroid Prime 2, which is totally addictive, and actually rather hard. Saw 'House of Flying Daggers' which was even more dull than 'Hero', sorry. I would like to see a big budget Eastern romantic comedy, or sci film, something other than martial arts! Anyway, I have here finally my review of THE WOMAN IN WHITE which I wasn't really impressed with, sadly. One of the best christmas presents I got was a ticket to see Sir Ian McKellen in Aladdin, in his full dame glory! Shall be seeing soon, so shall hopefully get a review up (once I've done all the others, phew). *Quaffs some mulled wine* Orf to play Metroid methinks, tis tiresome being stuck on that boss for so long, shall give one a dreadful headache! Toodle pip!

22ND DECEMBER In so short a space of time, am feeling dizzy! More christmas card updates (isn't it funny how much enthusiasm I put into them over my uni work?). Both fanarts, a PHANTOM - inspired one, and that dreaded game, SILENT HILL 4, yuck. That bloody game had my sister and I shrieking (I threw my poor sketchpad up in the air!). But it's over for now, Ast completed it again, phew. Off to see The Producers tomorrow, but before I can get truly excited, I've to be dragged food shopping tonight, NOOOOOOOOO!

21ST DECEMBER The 21st already, and not all christmas present have been bought! Musn't panic musn't panic! Here's a christmas card for everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And here's one I drew for my friend the Theatremonkey, HERE. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves at the mo. I had the misfortune of seeing 'Blade Trinity', which was horrendous, and said a certain word so many times I was about ready to scream. Oh, and it's very homo- erotic. Asti has decided to replay through the dreaded game Silent Hill4, at around 1:30 in the morning of course, finishing at the nastiest point, turning off the light, and leaving me to sit there all horror-striken....I now have a torch beside me (VERY sad!). Have recently become obsessed with mulled wine, which has gotta stop. Anyone know what the alcohol percentage in it is? Oooh, makes me all shivery thinking about it :D Bye for now!

18TH DECEMBER New review of PHANTOM up, even if I did see that specific performance back in November, ohhhh so long ago (me old age is catching up!). Saw 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' yesterday, and for those who have seen, do you need think the end credits are the most exciting part, visually I mean? Why couldn't they have done the whole film in that style? Jim Carry was waaaaay over the top, only Count (camp) Olaf when he was truly evil. I bet we'll never find out the ending to that whole series, only another 2 books to go!
EDIT: Ok, would help if I actually uploaded the new Phantom review :P So David, cease your bitchin' now! Oh, and the end 3 images of my Don Quixote book *are* actually uploaded now, so to those 'desperate', ahem to know the ending, voila! Thanks to David for pointing this out - you don't expect me to notice do you? ;)

Hullo! Art updates HERE und HERE! One has been very busy, I say. And a short review of LES MIS there for ya. Been sorting out my A3 portfolio of life drawing - so basically, lotsa drawings of naked ladies. Have yet to have a gorgeous guy walk in and remove his clothes....but enough about my personal life ;D Saw the Phantom film a second time, and appreciated it MUCH more this time round. The main 3 performances in the last big scene are realllly good - I actually feel sorry for Raoul! And I can pick out all the gorgeous shots of Gerard Butler.... but ANYWAY! I finally got up with the bandwagon, and read 'The Da Vinci Code', which had me flicking through some art books at 2:30 in the morning, looking up Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper.' It'll never be the same again! Though (I say very smugly), I guessed from around halfway where the Grail was hidden! Unless everyone has??

12TH DECEMBER Only 1 more week to go, and I am free for christmas! Then I shall update here, urm, honest. Am trying not to sound desperately fangirlish here, but I saw the Phantom movie in the Odeon Leicester Square......and liked :) Gerard Butler is absolutely gorgeous (open that shirt wider, in fact, just take it off), but well, he can't sing. Oh well, it's only a musical after all......! Pity he wasn't dubbed vocally by John Owen-Jones. But liked, I really did, and shall see again. Christmas uni party on Tursday, I'm most likely going as *sigh* a mantelpiece, with stockings and tinsel on my back, oh and dressed all in green for the hell of it. Very last minute, think anyone will tell? Central London is an absolute nightmare at the moment, am glad I know all the backstreet shortcuts, as even thinking of Oxford Street gives me a headache.
Ah well, shall do a bit more work, and then it's 4 hours of Return of the King......thank gawd there's a pause button! Speak to you all soon!

28TH NOVEMBER Uh oh, dust is gathering on this here site! Believe it or not, I'm actually very busy drawing! So maybe one day in the next century when I have some time orf, I might do a nice big update! There's also reviews of shows to be done, lots of gossip, but phew, when I do get some free time, I just like to sit down with a book and listen to the radio (over tea and crumpets with my fellow pensioner girlfriends!). Another fancy dress party approaching, deadlines, and oooh, for the first time ever, am gonna be seeing Cats this week! Am a bit worried about the track where they all whisper, as whispering in general drives me insane! *Twitch*

Guess what people? I'm still tired! ;) As free time is so rare, I at the moment have not the time to put up the photos from the uni 3rd year Halloween party, but my friend Lousey has made the effort, which you can see HERE! I am the chav (who is bloody gurning in every picture I'm in!), Asti my sister is Medusa, and my friend Louse was my chav in tow, John was the drag queen, David the Phantom, Marek as a zombie Hitler, Emma as Charlie Chaplin, and well, other people as other people! I and my sister have each had terrible arguments with people during the week (I in a carpark with the owner of the local bowls club who kept saying "No no no" everytime II tried speaking to him, and Asti with an extremely rude customer in her shop). I always like to think I'm a calm person, but these incidents have left my blood boiling, wanting violent revenge! *Huff puff* Caaaalm, caaaaaaalm. Oh you know what? I saw Bridget Jones 2 the other day, and.....urgh.......really enjoyed it!! Colin Firth is too gorgeous (I say, sliding into the club of middle aged women).

6TH NOVEMBER Another exhausting week, but in a good sense, believe me! First there was the last performance of FORUM on Tuesday, followed by a preview of THE PRODUCERS on Thursday, then The Woman in White on Friday (which I haven't reviewed yet, still trying to make up my mind). Nathan Lane is the best!! (says unbiased me). And each show I managed to get in for under £20! I think I'm still reeling over the shock of it - cheap theatre?? Lots of work to be doing, but book shopping today; oh the joy of the 3 for 2 offers everywhere at the moment! Fireworks currently going off everywhere, have none myself, not even sparklers, oh the shame!

31ST OCTOBER Phew, I am exhausted!! Ok, HERE is a new piece of art for you lovely people. There was a Halloween party during the week, went to a gig, finally saw the film Rififi, and was overun with kids at the Natural History Museum on Friday. Oh, and found the most lovely Costa coffee, with an underground section with huge sofas! Shall have to put up pictures and stuff, but for now, the Lady T is knackered. Happy Halloween (hey look, my orangey site is in theme!)!!

Thankyou to all my friends for the gifts I received yesterday, I'm very grateful :) Here's 3 gift arts from ASTI, DAVID and STEVE, they're all wonderful! I will always love hand made creations the best, whether they're 'good' or not, I just like a person's personal effort. John and Louse - I love the braclets and the bright blue quill, very dramatic! David, 'Miracle of Miracles' is now gonna be stuck in my head forever (as well as Alfred Molina singing, which is not a bad thing, heheh!). And that Zing Zing Bah is just plain horrible....And Asti, I can't say how grateful I am for the tickets to His Dark Materials next year! O_O WOW! Thankyou kind miss! Decided to watch Arsenal play nasty old Man United yesterday, and as usual, whenever I watch, they lose, NOOOO! Their record gone! I shouldn't have watched!! TRADIIITION! TRADITION! Busy week ahead, Halloween party tomorrow, Basement thingy on Thursday, all the uni projects in the meantime. Well at least I won't be bored!

23RD OCTOBER Happy 21st birthday to Emma! Everyones birthday lately it seems! Busy busy week at uni, and next week looks set to be....busy. Halloween party on Tuesday, my costume is complete! Went shopping for Chav accessories today at a market, saying in very posh tones, "Would you mind if I try on that ring please?" Bloody ugly thing.....I love it!!! As a present, got to see Les Miserables last night, so check out my little REVIEW here. Had the most gorgeous apple pie yesterday, omigawd I'm so hungry! Saw 'Aliens Vs Predator' during the week, dire! A hinted at relationship between a woman and a Predator, how scary is that? All soft focus camera, lingering shots, whew. And what's with the weather at the moment? All windy and wet - managed to slip in a puddle of mud, then climbed into the car, spreading the 'joy' ;) Got soaked today - the drowned rat look is in, don't you know?

Art spree! See rough work of mine HERE, oh and HERE, and look, THERE! Oh the joys of monoprinting (and a Sunday afternoon)! No really, I mean it! Bloody got black oil paint on my jeans and shirt, which means it'll NEVER come off. I think on near enough every item of my clothing, there's a bit of paint lurking on it. Even my more 'posher' (ahem) clothes, when I might have been moving a piece of work. Oh who've I to impress? Any takers?? ;D

Happy birthday in advance to my good friend the Theatremonkey tomorrow, Mr S ;) Happy 60th or whatever, heheheh! You can see the birthday card I drew for him in the ORIGINAL ART section :) Nothing much to report, been at university full time all week; there's a film club on Wednesdays, and before the film, original Flash Gordon episodes are shown! I have to sit there biting my lip the whole time, everything about it makes me wanna laugh! All that wrestling, seemed really homoerotic for some reason. The 3rd year Halloween party is approaching, and I shall be going as a Chav (townie, whatever you wanna call them). Was looking at all the tracksuits, nasty miniature handbags - tried on some pink trousers which were obscenely tight, so no no. Maybe I should get flesh coloured ones anyway; gotta find myself some 'bling' and orange facial make up! Yay, I get to be a tart for a night!

Went to the dentist yesterday, climbed aboard the chair of pain, was titled back and stared in HORROR at the ceiling - there were 2 reallllly old drawings my sister and I had done when we were about 7 years old, stuck there, in their full, awful glory! Asti had drawn our old cat, and I'd drawn Sonic the Hedgehog, grotesquely floating in the middle of the page, wagging that finger as if to say, "Tch tch, how could you ever dream of drawing me this way??" Nasty. That guy is sooo rough, I coughed out loadsa blood by the end :/ Wish I still got a sticker afterwards. Deadlines approaching at uni, and has anyone ever seen the film 'Du Rififi Chez Les Hommes'? Urghh, work to be done, so why am I sitting here typing! Hop to!

I am alive! Just buried under good old university work *cough* Bought a latte there with so much foam my spoon stood upright, and a 'cafe creme' the next day, that doesn't actually come with milk or cream, to my taste bud's horror. Saw the play STUFF HAPPENS during the week, click on ye olde capital letters to reveal the review! My friends have had me driving out to Essex to visit this really old pub, was great, made the most gorgeous coffees (filter, in case you're interested. No??). Life modelling again at uni, I think I'm gonna go insane ;)

1ST OCTOBER Well done to my award-winning sister, Asti, who got 2nd place in a competition at uni today - she received a free artbook! Well done, luv! For some reason, free bottles of Stella Artois (that how it spelt?) were being handed out, but I'm the driver, so couldn't drink. Plus I don't like it ;) There's also a new life model in, and the drawings done by the 2nd years were hilarious - either they got the scaling all wrong, or this woman has the largest breasts in the world! In advance, happy birthday to Louse, who'll be 22 tomorrow! I await the chilli con carni, heheh! Oh. and everyone take a peek at this fab drawing my friend David did HERE; I'm not at all biased!

Hullo all! New ARTWORK, freshly drawn, scanned within a day! University is.....fine, nothing more to say really. Lots of 'graphic media' sadly (one tutor revealed it was a term him and the other tutor made up 5 years ago -I KNEW IT!!!!!), but it looks like we'll have more freedom with it this year. Another tutor's got 12 stitches on his leg due to "falling through a ceiling." I have this vision of him skipping along this glass ceiling, before crashing through and collapsing in a heap! The lattes are still just as useless - more foam than drink, and all the food is still highly expensive. Am desperately trying to think positive here ;) Naw, is fine generally, although tomorrow is going to involve 140 people trying to squeeze into a small room, each of us with an A2 poster to display. I'm thinking the graphics people will kick us illustration lot out, as we're "not important", ha! Seeyar!

27TH SEPTEMBER I can't believe I'm updating here again so soon. Turned up to university today (along with everyone else), and discovered we didn't have to be in until tomorrow.
*Slightly* annoying. Ahh well, have my parking permit!! Just *had* to go to Starbucks afterwards, then off to the Brock household where 'Murder, She Wrote' was on - I KNEW it was that dodgy-looking employee! Ahh yes, an update of ARTWORK here. *Bows*

New ARTWORK here, shocking eh? I have been drawing all holiday, but not really stuff I'd wanna put on here....not that it's x-rated or anything (you people and your minds in the gutter!). Meine Schwester completed Silent Hill4 - NASTY. I haven't been sleeping well, and the events right near the end are extremely disturbing - "I'm ALWAYS watching you...." Arghhhhhh!!! Saw 'Super Size Me', (I'm not a fan of McDonalds food anyways, so no loss there), and 'Hero' (beautiful, but lacked personality). Lotsa films out next week, gotta try and squeeze 'em all in, as university starts on Monday. *Sigh* There went my last summer holiday.... then again, the life of a freelance artist is tough, might have a lot of sitting around to come ;D I must fight for a desk come Monday, I need wall space to throw up all my junk (work included)! Seeya soon.

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAYS DAVID AND RYAN! Oooh both 22 on the 22nd...Off to the Royal Albert Hall tonight with David and various others, should be a good birthday for him :) And he also got Silent Hill 4....That bloody game!! I went to sleep last night believing there was a face on the wall next to me, had to sleep with my back to it ;) Star Wars is out on DVD, woo hoo! How sharp and new it all looks! A few things upset me a little (what's with Obi-Wan's new 'roar', or those clouds on front of one of the 2 Suns, or - well, anyway), shall have to watch the other 2 films to see if there's been further 'damage', heh. How good does 'Hero' look? The colours!

My sister is currently talking like a vampire: "I want it to get dark!" It's that time of the year again, a new Silent Hill game is out (the 4th so far). I of course will not touch it with a 50,000 foot fluffy barge pole, cos of my horrible imagination which never lets me sleep after playing one of those games. There was this part with a face sorta screaming in agony on the wall, and I kept saying "Don't look at it,keep away." Being a SH game, it naturally came alive, and this groaning (sorry to swear) fuckin' HORRIBLE thing came out, stumbling towards the screen. I sat there, jaw hanging open, knowing another sleepless night was in store. For anyone planning on seeing 'Open Water' let me throw in my (unwanted!) opinion - rubbish. Desperately trying to be arthouse (stop trying to be 'Reqium for a Dream'), and the acting is atrocious, but laughably so. *Pouts like that guy* And no motion sickness! Bah.

Due to early-rising, frantic running around, and a healthy dose of panic, managed to catch another performance of A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM! Whew. I am so knackered, I could have slept for a few days, but someone in my family was crashing about downstairs, then the cat was meowing - no rest for the wicked. Off to see 'Open Water' later on - can't say I'm looking foward to it, as I can accurately predict I'll get motion sickness from the dodgy camera work. Then a night of games playing methinks - after just visiting Mont Saint Michel in France, that place actually appears as a level in Onimusha 3, complete with demons running round (no, not the tourists this time). Although I just heard my sister shouting that it "blows up" so....oh dear!

15TH SEPTEMBER Remember a few months ago when my sister's shop was robbed and we were all tied up (seriously!)? Have gotta go to court early October, as it's still not finished, even with all the evidence against them. I can hardly remember anything now! Bloody prats. Better get myself some smart clothing (noooo!). Saw LES MIS last night, so if you wish to read my rather gushing review, click away! Absolutely faaaabulous, daaaaarlings, wonderful performances all round, and so many gorgeous men onstage, was having to fan myself ;) I insist on my sister taking her umbrella everywhere now - if she carries it, it doesn't rain!

If anyone is interested *cough* then they can look at my PHOTOS from France. Karate starts back for me tonight, I can feel myself aching already! No serious accidents, pleeease, and as long as I don't damage my left arm/hand, I'll be fine - what a great start to uni that would be, eh? There's gonna be a performance of 'Don Quixote' at the Royal Festival Hall at the end of the year, it's a choice out of that and 'The Nutcracker' (the millionnaire in me says both, ahem). How cool though! But argh, my sister just bought the game Onimusha 3, which I owe money towards (even though I never get a chance to play it). Asti, get off of the Playstation!!

I've finished my dissertation! Ahahahahahahah!!! Ahahah!!! Omigawd the relief! Of course that doesn't mean it'll be any good, but it's this gigantic relief/burden off my well-worn shoulders. Ahhh. Have been trying to re-live my hey days of France, by having French bread sticks with brie and that cheese that begins with E (what a great help), as well as some cider...........ok, so we never had the cider for breakfast, but I'm allowed to make slight alterations aren't I? :D Saw BAT BOY during the week, can read my review. Was nicht schelcht is all I'm gonna say. Tried booking up some seats for 'Forum for my birthday, but they're all sold out (chorus of "Awwww"). Ah well. Seen a big heap of films recently, all of which have been pretty average. I never sit close to the screen, but due to arriving a little late, had to for 'Stage Beauty'. There would be a sex scene, wouldn't there

3RD SEPTEMBER Pommes les terre! Bonjour mon ami, I return from Bures les Mont in France a happy, well fed Englais lady. Went with David (thanks for inviting me) and my sister, and we all surprisingly argued little! I knew no French, now know quite a few phrases, and lots of foods. If I were French, my name would be Trudi Chateau, how much classier does that sound?? Found out that the sort of accents we've picked up would be the English equivalent of Devon/West country! The people were lovely (and gorgeous), not quite sure where these stereotypes come from, and hey, we got to meet Monsieur le Maire of the village, heheh! The clothing is sooo cheap out there, and graphic novels are a huge industry, so if you wanna be published, venture forth to France. I am now a huge fan of brie and cider, and was quite upset to not have a breadstick waiting downstairs for breakfast ;) Anyways, would gladly go again, don't think I've ever seen so many castles in all my life, and I recommend that everyone should visit Mont Saint Michel once in their lifetime at least, it's like something outta Lord of the Rings!
I return home to write a HUGE dissertation for uni (....at some point), have loadsa films to catch up with at the cinema, and am orf to the Royal Albert Hall later thiS month, so urr, it's all action-packed. Seeya soon!

23RD AUGUST Salut! I'm off to France for just over a week (innit!). I've had a lucky time with holidays this year, believe me, I never usually go anywhere. In fact I've had a lot of good luck this year, no doubt bound to change next year. But wait, it's usually the odd years which are good for me.....anyways. I say "au revoir" or wotevaaahhhh!

New review of A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM! That show is soooo funny, I really hope it wins some awards. Philip Quast....*drool* Ahem, saw a local production yesterday of Jesus Christ Superstar.....not sure whether to review it, as I can't say I particularly liked it, and the review wouldn't be that positive at all. What do you think, should I review it? If you haven't got something nice to say, I often think it's best to keep it to yourself, so....Gawd, I sound like such an old woman! Oooh me back! Saw The Village (people) yesterday, was......ok. The concept was gut, but a certain 'revelation' in it had me well disappointed, kinda spoilt the whole idea. And the director inserting himself into it was so gratuitous, the shot held on for slightly too long... Anyone been watching the olympics? I love some of the Euro-pop music in the gymnastics!
"Don't tell me not to live, just sit and puddah, life's candy and the Sun's a bowl of buddah!" - URGHHHH!

"Momma taught me to sing one note, and the note I sing is this.....AHHHHHHUHAUHAHUAA! I'm Liza one-note! When I stop singin', your ears will be ringin' in pain, that's why all my fans snort cocaine!" The Forbidden Broadway albums make me laugh so much ;) 3 new THEATRE LINKS up my dears. Welcome back John and Louse, whom I have missed soooo much (life has been boring without you!). Shall have to lure them over tonight, crack open the wine.....and then drink it all myself! Only kidding, you all may have a sip, heheh!

14TH AUGUST Back from my holiday, complete with a nice(ish) tan, red face, new jumper (I'm planning ahead) and new books (Don Quixote being one). Every morning my dad's friend asked if I was planning on destroying some windmills, the cheek. I think I've driven my dad and sister insane by singing songs from Anything Goes near enough every moment of the day, am so sorry ;) The weather was fine, the locals gorgeous, although I've promised myself never to eat another cream tea, and due to an unfortunate incident, I think I've been put off doughnuts for life. My dad did well in the sailing, coming first on the last windy day, well done dad :) The weather's hot here in London, ay? Suppose that's a bit of an understatement? Can tell I'm back in London, with all the nutters on the road. Managed to burn myself and tear a loada skin off my foot just sitting on my dad's motorbike, which he has nicknamed...*sigh*....'Brutus.' Welll, it just can't compare to the power of my motorbike, the fabulous 'Dandelion'!
A word of warning to all - DO NOT see Catwoman, it's bloody AWFUL! One part, involving a hideous cg-ed cat, had me near enough crying with laughter (with a mixture of revulsion). Uuuuuurgh, 'meow, meeeow.' Ah well, got a ton of emails to reply to, some new, some old, quite daunting I must say!

5TH AUGUST I AM ON HOLIDAY FOR A WEEK! Piece of useless information for you there. This shall be my final year at Salcombe/East Prawle I think. The last year in the house we stay at anyways, which is a shame, as it has a lovely view of the sea. Am bringing LOTS of music with me this year, as we have a field nearby, and EVERY year I am convinced I can hear zombies in it.....no doubt the cows, but anyway. My dad got his brand new motorbike today; a Yamaha 535cc Virago (which I keep accidently calling a Viagra). It is soooooo heavy, am worried that if it ever falls on me, I'll be stuck underneath the thing like a prat, shrieking for someone to help lift it off me ;) Think I'll stick to my lovely 125cc motorbike for now, might follow him round on it, just to be annoying. A guy in the bike shop said about me, "Oh have you seen her? She's not some big butch lesbian number, just a girl on a motorbike." WHAT? At the moment we currently have outside our house 2 cars, a sailing boat (a Wineglass), and 2 motorbikes. A friend said that we need to get ourselves a multi-storey carpark, heheh! Anyway, see you all soon!
"Onward to glory I go!" (My respect level shall go up for the person who can tell me which musical that's from!)

3RD AUGUST Too hot, far too hot! Saw the play DEMOCRACY last night, which you can read my review of simply by placing your ever-so-lovely cursor over back there. Have wanted to see that for aaaaaaages, and I can tell you that I wasn't disappointed! New link in the THEATRE LINKS also. Nothing else happening really, off to see The Stepford Wives and King Arthur in a minute (any excuse to hide in a building with air conditioning.................that works!).

1ST AUGUST Arrrrrrr! Some new PHOTOS are up! Was my friend Mariane's birthday last Tuesday, and on that Friday, we all went down central London to an Eerie Pub dressed as pirates. Naturally, hardly anyone had dressed up, where as us lot had went overkill. John was right, was like some kind of dare - "I dare you to go down London, on a Friday evening, mid-tourist season, in hot weather dressed as pirates!" Was murder with the sword on the bus. I couldn't wait for it to just get dark, heheh! But was great :) And now my friends John and Louse are of on holiday for 2 weeks, what am I gonna do with myself?? *Twiddles thumbs, whistles* Oh look, a flower! Hmmmmmmmmm :/

24TH JULY My Sweeney Todd review can be found HERE! Got a bit carried away, but it really was excellent. I was kinda hoping they'd hand out free pies to those sitting near the front, as I was rather hungry at the time - who cares what's in them?? Saw Thunderbirds also yesterday, a truly horrendous film (no matter what my sister and David say). Best thing was the intro, and Ben Kingsley - don't know what he was thinking!

22ND JULY New Phantom of the Opera REVIEW up, was absolutely brilliant! Also new LINK up, though no one ever seems to link back to me... Oh like I get many visitors here anyway! In fact am I not typing to myself here? Summer seems to have arrived back in London, amazing! Been driving around like a madwoman ("Truds, take me to Sainsburys NOW!"), then was riding around my motorbike screaming at kids as I went past, then finally on my friend John's bicycle (along with a YMCA-style workman's hat and big fluffy green boa trailing behind me!). Sehr heiss!

19TH JULY The LINKS page has had a slight makeover! And urm, that's about it. I was thinking of redesigning the whole site, but the thought of it makes me mentally exhausted (it doesn't take much!). It'll probably be very playschool in design, this is me we're talking about after all! There'll be broken links everywhere, pages which don't load up properly and typos galore!

16TH JULY Hullo all, and feel for my poor sister, who turned up for her driving test today, and was told by the petty examiner that the "front right wheel of the car is slightly too worn, you'll have to go home." He refused to budge even for a half hour drive, condemning her to a waiting list of 6 months; the next appointment she can get is DECEMBER! December? Cancellations are like gold dust they said on the phone, due to no one daring to skip it cos of horrendous waiting lists like that. Awful! I feel so sorry for her, all that stressing for nothing :/ I passed my test yesterday (in the same healthy car might add!), so at least she can hop a lift with me. Course I gotta try and get insurance yet...I have a feeling I'm going to be driving everyone around soon ;) So chin up Asti, know that you now have a personal slave to drive you everywhere, and get booking!
P.S. Spiderman2 is great! Well, Dr Octopus is, even if half of it made no sense whatsoever.

14TH JULY Hullo all! I have a new FANART drawing here for your viewing 'pleasure'. Twas inspired by a fantastic song, which I keep singing to my cats. Nothing else of excitment happening at the moment, other than teaching my sister karate moves. She's actually given me some bruises down the side of an arm! Can only practice out in the garden, and I can't say I represent black belts very well when I'm flustering round the garden afraid that all the greenfly are following me ;D Which they are!

12TH JULY Whoops! As has been pointed out to me, didn't actually upload one of the review pages last time, so you shall find it HERE. Also have some new PHOTOS up! To local friends, NEVER buy anything to eat at my sister's work - bought some M and Ms, ate a few, and complained that they tasted odd. The sell-by-date was MARCH of this year :/ Whatta joke! Ahem, watched 'Streetfighter the Movie' today, just as awful as I remember it being. That end shot were they all struck poses and the title appeared was horrendous! "This ain't no personal vendetta of yours............it's mine!"

10TH JULY Update ahooooy! New FAN ART which I shall allow you to pass judgement on, as well as reviews for ANYTHING GOES, und A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, as well as LES MIS. Phew, lots of caps. Last week has become a blur to me now, typical eh? Wait ages to go to the theatre, then 50 trips come along at once! Happy 61st, oh, I mean 21st birthday, mum!!! Lucky woman with her free transport pass, could do with that. What's with the weather in London?? Flood warnings? I debated sitting upstairs on the bus when I saw a flooded road ahead. My cat is currently not speaking to me, as I locked him out when it was raining (only cos everyone was going out, and he's one of those destructive little buggers). He's always ignoring me actually, is quite depressing! Kleine scheisser...Saw Farenheit 9/11 - don't see if you want to leave the cinema in a pleasant mood ;)

5TH JULY My poor site, have had to wipe off an inch-thick layer of dust! Been some problems with uploading, but say hello and voila to it's new home here! A short address, with um, only 1 or 2 adverts (right click, clear off!). A whole month of abandonment, have been getting a right b-......urr, telling off from friends. Right! Here's some updates then, in ORIGINAL ART and FAN ART, as well as a new REVIEW here! *Bows* Been making use of the £1 bus route lately into central London - takes just over an hour, but drops us off at Waterloo Bridge, fab! Did something I've never thought about doing in all my 21 years here - go on a boat trip down the Thames. Quite enjoyed it y'know, sitting amongst all the tourists, going "Oooh" and "Ahh" as various landmarks were pointed out. We passed underneath Tower Bridge when it was up! Am gonna be a bit of a theatre-whore this month, with 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' tomorrow, 'Anything Goes' on Thursday, and 'Phantom of the Opera' and 'Sweeney Todd' later on, whatta slut ;D All booked in advance, just all happen to have fallen on this lovely month. Ahem, and Spiderman2 out soon, can't wait!

31ST MAY Nothing to update with, I just feel like a chat :) Had a lovely wander along the south bank yesterday (in London, not your local river!); I love the way the moment a drop of rain lands, everyone rushes into the restaurants/ pubs .....though not sure about the Tate Modern...There's this new little chain popped up called 'Eat.' complete with its own full stop. But whenever I go in there, it's for a drink. It's like some kind of order - 'Eat.' (I hear the sounds of whips cracking in the distance). As we jumped on the bus for home, the driver said with a pissed off expression to my Scottish mum, "If you get on now, I can't have a break" but she misheard it as "Quick get on now, I'm gonna be late!" ahahah! Only my sister heard the 'truth'! Oooh ooh, watched a film called 'Chocolat' which I really enjoyed, though DO NOT watch if you haven't any choclate handy (like myself). Was a cute little film, though it took me a while to realise it was set in France - I thought they were all speaking in Italian accents, was only the fact they were calling each other 'Monsiuer' that I finally clocked on... Alfred Molina was in it (the upcoming Dr Octopus in Spiderman2), and as I've been told before, I have 'bad taste in men', though I happen to think he has "lovely eyes"....and the rest! ;D Seeing Harry Potter tonight amidst the hordes (nearly typed whores) of screaming kids....("They alll deserve to die!")

27TH MAY Saw The Day After Tomorrow (today), and without trying to spoil anything, we never actually find out what happens the day after tomorrow! Lovely stereotypes lurking in it - 3 English guys sit around waiting to die, drinking wine and quaff "To England!" I'm surprised they weren't eating tea and crumpets ;) Ahahah, omigawd, look out in the credits for the company 'Crack Creative', and mister 'Thomas Wanker', hahahah! .....Well it was funny at the time....And a 'great loss' to the art world, with some of Tracy Emin's work being caught in a fire. Of course I understand how upsetting it would be for that to happen, but a tent being burnt to ash is more of an improvement. To England!
Idiot! I updated earlier so I could show you these PHOTOS! A page full of photos from Rome, am not forcing you to click..........actually, I am! Click!

26TH MAY Guh huh huh! Been out on the town I have recently - Howard Shore Lord of the Rings symphonies at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday, Les Miserables on Monday. And skint now for the rest of my life! It's all a bit of culture (I say, quaffing my coffee everywhere). Brilliant. What's with the weather at the moment? It's boiling one minute, so I throw on my shorts, go running downstairs and outside only to be confronted by ominous clouds. Ok ok, updates include some random We Will Rock You fanarts I drew on one rainy afternoon (well ok, it wasn't raining). They are the 4 on the righthand side on the FANART page. And here's my Les Mis REVIEW at the bottom. Saw Troy last week (zzz) and am seeing The Day After Tomorrow....tomorrow. Harry Potter next week, fingers crossed it'll be good! There's this American doughnut place opened near the cinema, and omigawd, they taste wonderful! You get to see 'em all travelling along this conveyor belt, heh (am easily pleased), and if the red light is on, you get 'em for free!! Free! This place will not do me any good, but these dougnuts are addictive. Obviously, both doors are opened wide so the soon to be obese customers can squeeze through ;)

19TH MAY Summer is here judging by the weather, and the hordes of men who whip off their shirts the moment the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. Summer can mean only one thing - computer games!! Ahem yes, I can now sit down and play them, though my room upstairs becomes a sauna during the sunlight hours, so I usually twiddle my thumbs for most the day, or chase the cats. A friend has me playing Baldur's Gate, which I thought was gonna be rubbish, but is actually rather addictive (I hate those ice giants!). And to spite me, my sister has bought Metal Gear Solid on the Gamecube, so there are now arguments over the consoles and tv in my room. 2 hours each, that's the rule! It really is very sad.....................................but it's my turn!! ;) I have had requests to update the DUH page, which I will, though all the writing is in my sketch pads, which are currently on display in my uni. Oooh, can hear my sister shrieking upstairs, the guards have caught her again - Asti, you'll never make it as a spy!

13TH MAY HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY JOHN!!! No longer a teenager, so no excuse now for mood swings...not that you have them ;) Word of advice to people - it may seem funny at the time buying a hentai anime (porn basically) as a joke for a friend, but it's not funny when you're forced to sit down and watch it! That was the longest ever 40 minutes I tell ya. Hope you like all the other stuff Mr Brock - now it's time to 'grow up'! Before you know it, you'll be out in your rocking chair on the porch, shotgun in your lap, waiting for kids to pass by...Oh wait, that's gonna be 'Elderly Asti' isn't it? ;D New update in the ORIGINAL ART, a university project (*sarcastic gasp*). I now have some free time, but all I want to do is sprawl out in the garden.....speaking of which, I'm keeping a close eye on those ants, I've seen them out in full force and am not happy. And have *finally* seen Sweeney Todd on dvd; is great, LOVE the makeup for Mr Todd, part ghost, part zombie. Had no meat pies to eat whilst watching sadly, so urr, drank a coffee!

8TH MAY Van Helsing is excellent, seen it twice already (praise ye UGC Unlimited card!), kinda sad really. Unsurprisingly, Hugh Jackman was drop dead gorgeous in it (my friend pointed out that you see his arse right near the end, but ANYWAY). What is up with the ending? I shall not spoil it for those who have not seen, other than by saying "Siiimbaaaaaaa" :/ Dracula's Brides are so cool, knew a certain person would like the ginger-haired one ;) The action and everything is exciting, think I shall see one more time, eheh! Following a discussion on Van Helsing figures, my friend John did a search and came up with TRANSFORMATION VAN HELSING! *What* is that? That's not him! Some nasty imposter has taken his place. Wow what sexy joints you have;) The DRACULA figure made me laugh the most (the person sculpting obviously had their eyes shut when making it).

6TH MAY Aaaaaaaaaaand here's the last 2 images from my illustrated musicals sheet music book, hier und hier. University shall soon be over for the summer, but am still allowed no rest! The old lady next door to us came knocking early one morning, I open the door, and she comes charging in, through the house, and straight into the garden! In her broken English, she points into her garden and starts pushing me towards the fence and bushes - daft person had gone and locked hereself out, but for some reason, she always leave the kitchen door open, handy. After much debate, I put a step ladder across the water barrell, dragged the bench over, and slide across, nearly ripping a hole in my jeans in a rather unfortunate area. I finally 'landed' next door, cheered and turned to see her staring at me stone-faced :/ So I let her back in through the front, and she thanked me .....then handed me some (no doubt welllll off) sweets, and a curry! Mm!.................then demanded 2 black plastic bin liners. -_- In other news, a place called 'The Academy' down central London coloured my and my sister's hair for free (they're trainee in there y'see) - mine is now dark purpley-black all over, with bright red and blonde streaks underneath :D And Asti's is verging on ginger, heheheheheh :D John and Louse are getting theirs cut there next week - he's terrified the stylist is gonna 'style' him with a bowl haircut (please!)! Off to see Van Helsing later......*drool*

1ST MAY May already! And here are 2 new updates in my ORIGINAL ART section HERE and HERE. Still have another 2 spreads to show, shall do at a later date :) Have also added small double spreads on all the book project pics so you can see what they look like together. Something that's been annoying me recently (and yesterday reminded me of the fact) is the way some people will refer to me and Asti as "One of the twins" or "One of the two" or "Astrid?Trudi? Oh either one, doesn't matter!"- I understand people might have problems telling us apart (even though we look NOTHING alike!), but it would be polite to at least learn our names. I've had many a chance to reply back with a nasty generalisation, but nope. The worst thing is people don't realise they're doing it, and if they do, they laugh! Anyways, enough grumbling - Van Helsing is out this coming Friday with the gorgeous Hugh Jackman (even if he does look like he has a perm in it)!! And Richard Ruxborough(sp?) as Dracula.......excellent. Before I dash off for a Chinese, looketh here at my mate John's gallery for an extreme close up photo of my cat RAZIEL, and another HERE! Bravo!

29TH APRIL Been dreading this day! Since before christmas, one of my university projects been leading up to now. And it's done!! Ahahahah! If only that was the end of all my work, but nope. Look here for the next installment of my book in the ORIGINAL ART section. Still got loads to update with (whatta change!). Am still knackered from Saturday, and that bruise is all nasty and yellow now, plus my karate sensei thought it would be funny to kick it. -_- (Lied to him and told him it was somewhere else, think I got a bruise coming up there now, whoops). I'd just like to say a special hello to my new sister 'Asquid' - a tutor misheard her name! Oh and seeya soon Mariane, all the way up in Nottingham!

26TH APRIL What a weekend! Went to visit my sister Asti and friend Dean at their work on Saturday night, and just as they were closing, 4 guys came in and decided to rob the place! Dean was grabbed in a headlock, I had a hammer pressed to my skull, and was dragged round the back of the counter and told to lie on my front. We all had our ankles and wrists bound with duct tape (I kept my wrists apart, and was instantly able to slip a hand out). They stole loads of computer games and consoles. I kept looking at their faces, and was told to look down - one of them kept walking on me and Asti all spitefully, and now I have a foot-sized bruise on my thigh :/ The moment they left, I leapt up, got out of the tape (had to leave my trainers behind) and ran out into the street. Anyways, to cut a long story short, the police caught them after a big chase (sadly a member of the public was hurt), and we spent 4 hours in the police station, doing statements, not leaving till around 3am. My police officer says I'm a trouble maker ;) Was certainly different, but I was extremely annoyed and frustrated throughout the whole thing. Both Ast and Dean are fine, though shall keep an eye on them. All I kept thinking was "I have to get my uni project finished! I don't have time for this!" Priorities ;)

23RD APRIL HAPPY ST. GEORGE'S DAY! Well done George for slaying the dragon, even if you weren't English and there wasn't actually a dragon...but who cares! Off to see Kill Bill volume 2, hoping to see The Bride get her revenge, and finally kill Bill!

20TH APRIL I'm obviously feeling ill to be updating so much recently! There's some new PHOTOS up and a review of Les Mis in the BITCHIN section, which we all saw last night :) Loved it I did. Off to a preview showing of 'Eternal Mind of the Spotless Sunshine' or whatever the hell it's called tonight, should be interesting. And then 2 weeks of non-stop work ahead of me, tons, TONS! Lots of coffee shall be drunk, I have forseen it. Bye for now!

18TH APRIL *Choke* Updating again? Here in the SKETCH ART section shall you find some...sketches, for my Flash computer game. Nice basic stuff, drawn by a basic person. Raining today it is, poor people running in the London marathon. Saw a guy on the tv dressed all in pink as a ballet dancer, looked very fetching. Meant to say, if you haven't seen 'Shaun of the Dead', go see, very funny! So many references to lotsa things! And it's a zombie movie, always a plus. Also watched 'Hidalgo' with the lovely Viggo Mortensen - he's having such a love affair with his horse! An ok film, with zero pacing, thank gawd for M and Ms to keep me awake. Trailers for Van Helsing, can't wait!! And Spiderman2 looks cool, can't help loving Dr Octopus! :D

17TH APRIL Quite a few updates from me, a person who's swamped with work but has decided for a few hours to turn her back on it! 3 new picures in my ORIGINAL ART section, and I would be extremely grateful if people would let me know which image they prefer out of the 2 Into the Woods images, is driving me insane. Meine Mutti took my sister and I as an 'Easter surprise' to see We Will Rock You during the week, so if ya wanna check out my little review, it's HERE. Well done to my dad, who today passed his motorbike theory test. I think he's going through one of those male mid-life-crisis things, though there's no plans for a big tacky gold medallion just yet. Yet! Took my motorbike for an MOT during the week, and overheard him talking to one of the mechanics about what he could trade my bike in for! The bloody cheek! My motorbike!! There is a Harley in there true, but getting parts for that is hard and expensive. Still, would be wonderful to turn up to university on a Harley, heh! *VROOM VROOM....or something to that effect* The mechanic there is such a bugger, always parks my motorbike out the back on that steep road, putting the back wheel down a *drain*. Anyways, Les Mis on Monday, woohhoo, though I have uni all day, which includes a slide show, 'work shop', and then group talks. Plenty of time for sleeping then. An apology to those I've yet to reply to in emails, give me to early May and I'm all yours.....!

6TH APRIL Hullo! I forgot about the Easter 'holiday' whilst typing up my last update (forgive me), and am here with an update. In the ORIGINAL ART section shall you find the images from my Flash computer game titled 'The Gentleman'. Of course it was a university project (I can't remember when I last did a free time *hahahah* picture). Also finally got round to reviewing Phantom of the Opera from the last time I saw it, check out the BITCHIN page.Can you believe my university are organising a trip to see Les Miserables? I went to book the tickets at one of the Campus's and the lady organising it said to me, "Well I know what seats they are, but am not sure where they are in the theatre" and (much to my never-ending shame) I whipped out a seating plan of the theatre >.< My sister later on drew a picture of me holding a seating plan, dribbling and jumping around like a raving loony. A most unfair portrayl D:But yes Easter is here, and to the shock of some friends, I am not at all a fan of choclate easter eggs (many years ago I decided to eat all I'd received at once, and put me off choclate...for a while:P). So no eggys for me, but cheques can be addressed to - only kidding....I prefer money ;) *Cough* My friend John made a group of us watch.... *shudder* .... 'Leprechaun in the Hood', the WORST film I've had the pleasure of seeing this year. Bloody awful, and the rap at the end - I need my memory wiped! John, burn it!! Thanks to Mariane for the latte mug; I've been using it I have! Omigawd remember I said I was off to see Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The person only went and won a million pounds! The studio exploded with silver and blue tinsel, and we had the excuse to scream our lungs off ;) Don't ask why, but at one point the producer and Chris Tarrant came out wearing Asti and my jackets, I was quite mortified (they wore due to the 'shocking' colours, though I see nothing wrong with striped yellow and white). Gawds have talked to long, I shall bid thee adieu, and see you soon!

31ST MARCH I am not dead I am not dead! I would *quaffs champagne* hazard a guess that this site will not be updated properly until the beginning of May. This is the crunch time, and the lovely tutors at university have decided to bring foward the deadline date! Lots of mad flailing from us all! I have been sat up until 4:40am trying to get work done, with only a Michael Crawford album to keep me in a terrified state of wakefulness. Just one...more...month! Had an 'accident' at karate on Monday, which has resulted in me staggering painfully everywhere, and am horrified at the idea of a red hot needle....A friend at uni has some spare tickets to sit in the audience of Who Wants to be a Millionnaire, so guess where I'm off tomorrow? ;) In the meantime oh sexy people, pop along to my new affliate (image below). It is too easy to lose all your money in that shop (and I'm not talking about the times when they wrestle you to the floor and go through your pockets!). So be a daaaarling would you? I promise I'll have loads to update after April - my computer game project, musicals project, and more photos from Roma! Oh the coffee there...

20TH MARCH Guten Tag! Und hallo! Back from Rome, so I really should be speaking Italian, but that place has really made me want to brush up on my German for some reason. Rome was great (full of pervs, I KNEW it), fantastic statues, lovely food, saw the Pope in the flesh (body-double flesh?) at the Vatican, saw an opera in a church, really didn't wanna come home. Oh but you know what? I hadn't been on a plane in 13 years, and I probably enjoyed that part the most! I loved sitting foward as it was taking off, so it pushes you backwards! FANTASTIC! Easily pleased. And seeing the Coliseum from the air was very cool indeed. And ohhhhhhhh the coffee in Rome! I miss it so much, suffering terrible withdrawel symptoms. Dare I say that even the almight Starbucks is having a tough time living up to it? Anyways, loadsa new PHOTOS, but you get to see these few for now ;) Mother's Day tomorrow - my sister and I bought my mum tickets to see Phantom of the Opera, and we were 'dragged' along with her. Expensive seats, but well worth it, and all my mum kept saying was "Ooooh love the clothin'! He's got a nice voice! Welsh? Of course, like the Scots." Right! Shall try and update here, but soooooo much work, it's disgusting. Can tell I'm stressed, as I keep staring off into the distance with my eyes wide open.... ANYWAYS! Dawn of the Dead remake is nothing on the original - running zombies which sound like cats are NOT scary. Where have all the shufflers and groaners gone? Rome? :P

5TH MARCH A new LINK up, oh surfers of the internet. This place has gone to pot hasn't it? ;) Or is the saying "lost the plot"? Both maybe. I do have stuff to update with, but my recent university work has been on A1 sized paper (and if you don't know what size that is, just think BIG!). Not my choice sadly. Saw 'When Harry Met Sally' on the Wednesday, was actually quite good, been years since I seen a play. My friend David was letching so much at Allison Hannigan, I'm just glad I'm nothing like that ;) Speaking of theatre, I just want to make a quick note to anyone reading my whole "We Will Rock You" section that I have calmed down alot from the person typing there, my fangirl days are over! I get excited pretty easily though, so my next obsessions beware!Ooooh orf to Rome next week, so shall be taking lotsa photos of the gorgeous guys/I mean gorgeous architecture over there. Hear half of 'em are perverts there anyways - should get along just fine! But yes, from next Monday to Friday, I shall be away, quaffing wine, dancing with the monks in the Vatican, fighting my sister (and winning!) in the Coliseum, and having a night at the opera...........ahem. So I shall bid you all a great big farewell, and as a parting gift, click HERE to play one of the most addictive games ever! I've got a distance of 2750 so far! Bye!

25TH FEBRUARY Thought I'd say a quick hello just to let you know I'm not dead or anything (you wish!). Am depressingly busy with university work, constantly going over dates of when so and so has to be completed, which will leave me with whatever amount of days to do the next thing. All very stupid and over the top, but I am of course a well known panicer. Last Tuesday saw the London Symphony Orchestra perform Jerry Goldsmith music at the Barbican. Sadly the great man couldn't be there himself that night due to an illness, was sadly missed, though the new conductor was MAD, wellll into it, and they all got a standing ovation. Received my highest mark yet for a recent project at uni, though my latest project is pretty duff, I can already see the low marks lining up. Next week am off to see When Harry Met Sally with whatsherface Willow Hannigan and supposed 'female favourite' Luke Perry. This is my friend David's revenge for dragging him along to see Jerry Springer the Opera ;) We're off to Rome the week after, and he wants us to see it so early "just in case the plane crashes on the way to Rome and we die." In other theatre news, Michael Crawford has been cast in the latest Andrew Llyod Webber production.............nOoOoOoOoOoOo! Whoever told him he could sing? :P I will of course HAVE to see this now, but dammit, it seems like Mr Crawford is kicking out the almighty Les Miserables, and that's a horrible thought! Anyways, off with me, I have more work to be getting on with! "EL PHANTASMA DE LA OPERAAA!"

Whoops, and a quick belated happy birthday to my dad, who is now a proud century old.

15TH FEBRUARY Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone! Am I being sarcastic? Of course! Got a card FOR DEFINITE from my mum. I got a card with, to be blunt, a woman with gigantic tits on it, and I showed it to my mum and was like "WHY would this appeal to me?" and she said "Oh I never noticed that!" Caught! Card from John, go see in the GIFT ART section! Thanks John ;) Also had some guy "lick" at me - was sitting in a cafe facing the window, and this guy walks past, and just....licks at me, and grins! I swear I'm a weirdo/letch magnet! Aaaanyways, BAFTAs tonight - go for it Return of the King! And Johnny Depp for best actor, hah!

12TH FEBRUARY "And hellooooo.......AWOOOOOOO!" New LINKS up! Go see! I spent Tuesday desperately trying to find information on a person given to me by my tutors, only to find out he doesn't EXIST. Yes, they'd made a typo, the surname being "Poiter" was actually "Poiret".............I only swore a little, I promise you.

Just to make it clear again, I have changed my email! It's all updated on the site now, like on the Me or Links page. Gawds, I left my defunct one up for aaaages, who knows how many people might have said hello, and I just carried on in blissful ignorance, unaware.... followed by hatemail to my old email, how I'm such a rotten cow for not replying. Urgh! Funny how I post a new email up, and suddenly I'm receiving mail again.....Oh what a fool! I will give a *free* thumbs up to anyone who can tell me where the writing in itallics is from. A musical of course ;) Not much to go on, but I'm willing to give a clue. Oh oh, COMPLETED Defiance - games are so long nowadays eh (I say in extremely sarcastic tones). But it was great, and I did a fair amount of shrieking at the tv whilst playing...aaaand maybe a bit of swearing. Ok, alot. Only another 3 years for the final installment! They are making it, right? Right? Otherwise there shall be a lot of hand-wringing to be done! But it was soooo good, I can't believe ******* is dead, the cheek of it all!

8TH FEBRUARY "I just wanna daaaaaance!" Update in my ORIGINAL ART section! Defiance has turned to be a great game, but there's not a scrap of new music to be heard yet, all I keep thinking is "rehash!" Or laziness. Graphics are gorgeous though, especially Vorador's mansion (which I remember being ALOT tackier in Blood Omen.......funny tacky, rather "kitsch" as a certain person would say). Gawd am starving.

6TH FEBRUARY Feb already! Must have slept through January. Saw Jerry Springer the Opera during the week; you can read the review HERE or just go to the Bitchin section. Loved it, knew I would! Went out last evening for a meal mit loadsa friends, really enjoyed myself, hope it's gonna be like that in Rome next month! But had 2 really strong filter coffees (I am of course a milky latte person), and was ill most of last night, how pathetic is that?? ;) Knackered now, but hark! The new Legacy of Kain game, Defiance, is out! Been waiting for this game since 2001! Aaaaaand my sister is playing it, so I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs for awhile, perhaps do some *work*! Oooh dirty word.

28TH JANUARY First it was cold, then there was a short storm, and finally SNOW! Snow, beautiful freezing cold snow! So, update in the PHOTOS section! Just been out for late night walkies in the snow with sister and friend - there are snowmen everywhere! One of them has to have been around 6 feet, and some were quite grotesque. ALL most definetely will be wandering the streets tonight, I know it! No university tomorrow, but am tempted to head up to Cat Hill just to see how deep the snow is. And if I happen to get swept into Starbucks along the way, so be it!

23RD JANUARY Updating spree (only cos I start back at university on Monday, and this place will no doubt start gathering dust again). New updates in the DUH section - not been updated in ages, but needless to say, they all have new additions, heheh! The link I put up yesterday was popular amongst a select few, so here's the next HERE."Let me taaaake hold of yer heart!" Listen to his voice glitch halfway through! Ahahahahah! And what a cool top! My sister particularly loves the mad woman near the end. Ahhh, have got to stop watching that. Am off central London in a few shakes of a duck's arse to go pick up some blank sheet music paper. For drawing on of course! Seeya!

22ND JANUARY Click HERE if you want a good old laugh, then watch the small video, just to the right of the page. "Like a butterfly, fly free!" David, you'll like this! Thanks to John Valjean for the link. Why do I find rubbish hilarious?

21ST JANUARY "Why trust one drug and not the other? That's politics, innit." - one of the great quotes from Withnail and I which I watched this morning, hilarious film! Reminds me of my trip to Scotland last year....Anyways! Update in ORIGINAL ART and SKETCH ART. The original art is unofficially a sketch, but some kind friends have said to me that it's good enough to go online, and the thumbnail looked nice in the original art section.....and now I'm just mumbling to myself. OriGinAL arT! sKetch aRt!!!1!!1 Who cares ;) Why is everything so expensive at the moment? Or is it just because I'm so skint? 1 pound for the bus, near enough a fiver just to get into central London...the world has now officially gone mad and greedy. And I start back to university next week! "You're still on holiday??" I hear you shriek. Aye, but I've had my project, and ur, driving lessons to be 'coping' with, heheh. Urgh I need a drink.

12TH JANUARY Updating too often, not good for me...Yes, there is an update in BITCHIN, a review of Les Miserables! Spoiler warning but of course. Hmm, still need to review Chicago and The Lion King......the masks in The Lion King disturbed me though. Would be great to review Starlight Express, but my only real memory of it was looking at the actor's skates with the binoculars! Saw an old Peter Jackson film last night called 'Bad Taste' - YUCK! The image of the guy with the flap on the back of his skull, stuffing bits of brain back in still makes me wanna heave! Stupid film, and then 'The Lawnmower Man' was on tv - I dunno what's worse! Oh, and changed me email again, that hotmail one is utter scheisse my dears!

11TH JANUARY Since when was it the 11th of January? Time is flying past, I say in my old woman voice (sitting on my rocking chair on the porch, with a shotgun in my lap waiting for the kiddies to pass by). New ORIGINAL ART pic up. I know I know, it's shocking isn't it? Have been very busy recently, visiting places in London that I've walked past countless times but never entered (why does that sound so dodgy?? Probably just me). Like the Haagen-Dazs restaurant! I thought they'd just hand you 2 scoops of choc ice cream or something, but nooooo nooo, it's like a proper meal! I can't begin to describe it, so advise you to head to one now....though of course the only one I've ever seen is in Leciester Square. Also saw Les Miserables for the first time ever (disgrace) - I've done it in the wrong order, getting all the soundtracks, then read the book. :/ It was fantastic, and as per usual, I have a thing for the bad guy, heh! Though a certain scene involving Javert had me laughing at the most inappropriate moment... Expect a review sometime soon! "Who is this man, what sort of devil is he?!"

3RD JANUARY "Pour moi, Je voudrais chocolat et amusant!" I think that's right.....my friend John has been teaching me French, and as some of you might be able to tell by that sentence, I only wish to learn stupid phrase that would be no help whatsoever over there! So if anyone has any other 'useful' phrases, send 'em along! Why the interest in French all of a sudden? Cos I got ahold of the original French Les Miserables album, and can't stop humming it! "Dites-moi Ce Qui Ce Passe!" What's with all the unused letters, that's what I want to know, I mean why bother having the alphabet if you're just ignore half of the letters?.............................................*Cough* Anyways, updates in the GIFTART section (thanks be to the ever-wonderful Ryan and John!).I have been SO lazy this current holiday it's just disgusting, though have been singing non-stop much to the 'pleasure' of my family. "Can't you whistle instead?" is a common phrase. Eh?

1ST JANUARY Hi to all in the new year! I had a great christmas, got loadsa cool presents (THANKYOU all for the pressies and cards), and for once didn't eat too much (except those addictive After Eights....mmm..). Bought my sister a Michael Crawford album, and for some *odd* reason, she won't listen to it *end sarcasm*. Ungrateful! :P Went to the local pub for the new year, which was useless, and had no Baileys, Dooleys, Malibu.....so I settled for a hot chocolate! Don't get too drunk, mind! Then a group of us back to my house to watch some of Dragonheart and Moulin Rouge (a disturbing combination), before running out into the garden at 12 and screaming our heads off as all the fireworks went off, heheheh! My friend Mariane can finally eat chocolate again, and John said he'd try and go a year without making suggestive comments.......he lasted 8 minutes ;) And that's not my fault John, I see nothing suggestive with the term "nut juice"......! Just cos I wanna say the word suggestive again, I advise people to go watch 'Quills'; nearly choked on a donut watching that! Aaaaaaaaanyways, new photos and gift art soon......ish. Not in the updating mood (am I ever??). Seeya soon!

21ST DECEMBER My life is complete! I've seen Return of the King! My friends used to joke that as long as they didn't die before seeing the whole trilogy, they would be happy. Well, we've all seen it now, so it's time to start playing with the traffic! And my thoughts on the film? I absolutely loved it! Loved it!!! What an emotional film; lucky it's so loud in the Odeon Leicester Square, as I'm sure a lot of sniffing and blowing noses would have been heard ;) Obviously not everyone's seen it and I don't want to give it away, so I'll just say: SHELOB! THE WITCH KING! THE ARMY OF THE DEAD! SAM! ARAGORN'S BEARD! ELROND'S BRIDE! And the lovely end credits.....Aww, can't believe that's it. Been great having a fantastic film to look foward to every christmas for the past 3 years. Lord of the Rings 4! The Return of the Money-making Franchise! Ok calm down Truds, calm down. Today is a urr, day of reflection as I sip my latte and wish everyone a merry christmas if I don't update this place before then. Merry christmas! (Jingle bells, Batman smells, ur, dur durr durr dur durrrr!)

18TH DECEMBER "Another suitcase, in anooother hall...." Mmm dumm dummm. New LINK, a mate from uni (now living in America *shakes fist*). And 2 new updates in BITCHIN - a WWRY review, and at long last, a Phantom of the Opera review! Gotta try and sit down and type up that Chicago review, but ohhhh the effort, and it's such a busy time of the year! But look! I've finally began updating this site regularly! Ahhh what are breaks from university for, eh? Uni project work? Are you mad?? 11:40PM UPDATE: Oi oi, well done to Louse for winning tickets to go to Dublin this coming Sunday and see her fave group, The Thrills in concert! Yay!! Go meet em, greet em, and grope em Louse ;) Oh and John is off too (his voice is back now, though I'm sure he'll lose it again come Sunday). Seeyar soon!!!

16TH DECEMBER 2 updates in a row? I must be ill! More PHOTOS up, ahhh joy. I managed a successful 3 point turn today, what an achievement! Way too much effort though, I'd rather drive round the block. Or in fact just get on my motorbike and *wheel* it round. Off to see We Will Rock You tomorrow, and possibly visiting the stage door for the first time (with people there, ahem)! The horror! Shall take a latte to calm myself.....mmmm.....latte....

15TH DECEMBER "Christmas isn't over! What happened to the granny?!" shrieked my sister today (as we held her down and force-fed her pills). I dunno! Ahem, The Darkness's christmas single is out, and I ask (demand!) that all UK citizens support 'em by buying it! No bloody Bo-Selecta-Crimbo-scheisse thanks very much. Update in the GIFTART section, a bit late coming really; a pressie from my mate Jules back when it was my birthday in October, whoops! More photos to put up, but time is short. FINISHED UNI TODAY, WOOOO! Though of course we've been set a project - just wouldn't be christmas if I wasn't slaving over some rubbish drawing.......with my Baileys and box of mint Matchmakers at the side. The people in the Enfield Starbucks are being dead nice at the mo - free choccy coin when you buy a drink! I'll be rich by the end of the week! Busy weeks ahead, and rumours from John of going to see a *gasp* panto! I think he said that anyways - his voice still ain't back properly (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!).

13TH DECEMBER "When I maaaarry Mr Snow, dum de duuum".............Updates!!! 2 new pics up in the FANART section, and PHOTOS from the Return of the King premiere! That was absolutely knackering, but fantastic, and got to see Viggo Mortensen up close (though was deafened by my sister's fangirl shrieking). Shall be seeing the film this time next week, shall have to lock myself up in my room though, as the film opens on a Wednesday, scheisse! Tis the season to be jollyyy, tra la la la laaa, and all that crap :D I have seen some truly horrendous christmas decorations up; does anyone in this area have a sense of taste?? Take a peek in the Argos catologue, and you can buy an inflatable snowman for the bargain price of *only* £49.99!!!! Hurry now, whilst stocks last! There's no doubt queues around the shop here.....Tch, am being so negative, must stop, plaster on a big fake grin, and go buy me a snowman!! Oh and a quick get well to John (sooooo sooooorry I laughed at your er, lack of voice, but c'mon! Sing for me! Heheheh!).

4TH DECEMBER Hmmm, my site been having problems, in that it wouldn't listen to me and upload. Still, it's working now *waves fist*. No update for now, sorry, but um, soon! The biggest nightmare that can happen with Zip drives and work happened on Monday - an hour before a 10 minute presentation, my Zip drive with allllll my work and slideshow on got wiped by a (f***ing) Mac computer, and idiot me had NO backup! NO BACKUP!! Weeks worth of work gone in an instant! After getting a telling from my tutor, until 3:30 to get it all done again! My group, Asti and Errol, were equally stressed, but I do seem to be a bit of a panicer, and I apologise to that lot for all the keyboard hitting, tutting, repeating myself, and short-temperedness that was me that day ;) Oh it all got done, the talk went fine...I just never want to be that stressed again! Been doing tons of painting, so you'll be seeing updates in the art section maybe ;) Oh oh, and I drove at 50mph in a car yesterday! Ok, so I've driven at nearly 70 on a motorbike, but was a nice change to not feel as if I was about to be thrown into the road. *Squish* Nearly christmas eh, eh? I have no money, so people are gonna be getting handmade stuff this year........anyone know how to convert midis to wav or mp3 files? Sounds very dull, but I need to know!

30TH NOVEMBER I'm touched! (Not in the physical sense, sadly). As my site has been gathering dust over the past month, I've received quite a few emails asking when I'm gonna update. Awww! But look, I don't respond well to threats, and whipping me is not what I'd call punishment - ANYWAYS! ;) New ORIGINAL ART up, though I hate my scanner for not scanning everything and being a "twisted whore", as my friend John would say. Finally have new PHOTOS up from Halloween and when I met Neil Gaiman. And in the BITCHIN section, another WWRY update, I think I need to do a discussion on musicals in general, just need some free time! The past month has been stress hell, and so it shall continue for the first 2 weeks of December. My driving lessons are coming along fine, though I keep getting in trouble for swearing whilst doing hillstarts (I got a thing against them). Lotsa good fillums out at the moment, and the big one is coming out soon, Return of the King!!! The soundtrack is gorgeous...Oh and I apologise(ish) to my sister, for singing songs from a certain soundtrack (it's addictive!). Asti, this one's for you - "And so Javert you see it's true, that man bears no more guilt than youuuuu! Who am I?? 24601!"

17TH NOVEMBER *Croaks in a latte-deprived voice* I am still alive...barely....though university would have me dead! I have so much stuff to be updating with, shall have to wait till christmas no doubt, am suffocating under uni work. Still, that hasn't stopped me from going out and enjoying myself at the same time! Have met the author Neil Gaiman and the artist Dave McKean (got em to sign my mini disc player, heh), went to see Phantom of the Opera (I LOVED the Phantom's voice!!), ahem, saw We Will Rock You again (Boy George, heheheh), Matrix Revolutions (RUBBISH!), am taking driving lessons for a car (no way neeear as fun as riding a motorbike), and um, other stuff, like you know, uni work ;) So seeya soon!

27TH OCTOBER Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear - SHALL WE? *Interrupted by Tim Curry* Ha! I am now 21, the world is open to me! I can drink in America, and visit as many strip clubs as I like! Priorities! Am the proud owner of a new mini disc player, who I have named Raoul. Has a little name tag and everything (hastily stuck down with sellotape). Other pressies included books, t.shirts, cds, dvds,some fantastic drawings (posted in my GIFT ART section) and a pink wig......So thankyou people, am well chuffed! Saw Chicago, and thought it was fantastic, so different from the film, better I think. Mary Sunshine was a MAN?!?!?! I couldn't stop laughing! My mum bought me the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, which I've been listening to constantly, so good! John's right, the "Age of the Musical" is amongst us! Also, the "Age of No Money" seems here to stay! Other updates in the ORIGINAL ART section and LINKS! Am off to a Halloween party this Friday, can't wait! Am going as Adam Ant....not very Halloweeny, but a scary thought nonetheless! "I'm the dandy highwayman!"

22ND OCTOBER Update in the BITCHIN section, the WWRY discussion.Yesterday was a surprise! All my friends actually ENJOYED the musical We Will Rock You, and wanna go again! *Collapses in a heap* Shocking! The one who I thought would hate it loved it the most! That's it, my judgement is so outta touch, I need a good whack round the head. Not too many takers, mind ;) Another highlight of yersterday was watching friends go searching through rubbish bags trying to pull out Matrix Reloaded promotional adverts, and very tasty donuts....... ur, they were seperate from the rubbish-searching! I remember back in July asking if there'd be any volunteers to go see the show, and I only had one person take up the offer! Would that happen now? Mmmmaybe I'll just go and see, and not tell anyone, cos none of ya would be interested, right? ;) Uni was so dull, and excuse my language but FUCK! I meant to take a photo of my A1 drawing I did, and what did I do? Stuff it a drawer, hoping never to see it again! Prat. Thanks to Tim for the early birthday pressies - I'm not sure what to attach them to yet! Ha, to those iggnorant of what he got me, make of that what you will! Thanks to Dean for the computer game, ya really shouldn't have, I HATE people spending money on me! Now home-made things.... :D Not that I ask for anything, mind! *Ungrateful fool!* Chicaaaaaaago tomorrow, and all that jazz.....

20TH OCTOBER *Slowly one finger types* My poor poor site. Alone, untouched, dusty. Ahem, sliiight exaggeration. University work has kept me busy, as well as *cough* the Lord of the Rings Exhibition. To that I say: Omiiiiiiigawd! I have had complaints about spoilers on this here site, so I will simply say SAURON! Oh, and the 5 cave trolls running wild. I say hello and goodbye to Lady Mariane, who was here for the weekend. Good luck back in the wilderness of Nottingham ;) Updates soon, got DUH stuff and original art, but I gots no time to post it, got karate soon! 2 people have grumbled about the picture of myself holding the (golden) Starbucks cup on the ME page, that I should post a 'proper' pic. Guys, the naked photos are coming soon!................of my cat. Am off to see a certain show tomorrow, with a group of friends (not invisible), tis a birthday treat...for them I hope! Then off to see 'Chicago' (not to, sadly!) on Thursday - must not sing along! There's an ex-Backstreet Boy there, who I admittedly MANY years ago took a liking to.... Oh dear, foolish younger me! Before a certain person starts laughing/shaking their head, may I remind them at least it's not an ex-S Club 7 member! "There ain't no party like an S Club party!!!!"

12TH SEPTEMBER "I know, the first part's shit. But the second part...the second part is realllly nifty!" 5 points to anyone who can tell me where that's from! New update in the DUR section, oh you fools ;) Has anyone ever laughed and heaved at the same time? I saw stuff last night that made me do those 2 acts together, thought I was gonna be sick through laughing! "Hahahahah-bleeeeargh-heheheh!"

11TH OCTOBER "Planet, schmanet, Janet!!!" Mental note - must stop singing Rocky Horror songs. Saw Kill Bill! Was Bill killed? I dunno, shall have to bloody wait till February to find out! A great film, the violence was fantastic, but Jackie Brown is still my fave. Friday was spent gallery-hunting in central London, a killer on the feet. I done something with my sketchpad at the Science Museum that I've decided I should not tell anyone anymore, as the looks of shock and revulsion upon telling people have made me feel like even more of a disgusting idiot than usual ;) All I can say is, don't do what I did, and always remember to wash your hands! There's a T.Rex exhibition on in The Natural History Museum, *swoon*. The size of that model!!! The Darwin Exhibition is a must also - all those dead animals in jars put me off the thought of a latte - for all of 2 seconds. And of course there's the British museum with that fantaaaaastic sheep head in. That thing is alive, I *know* it. I have updates for the Dur section, though am feeling extremely lazy at the moment, and shan't be putting them up! Ha haaa! This week has been so tiring, and there seems to be no let up for the next few weeks either. But "I will surrrrvive!"

5TH OCTOBER"Luv, yer beautiful!" was one of the obviously drunken comments slurred my way last night/this morning at some club/pub thing in Camden. Still can't hear properly (unless you count the ringing, the constant, ceaseless ringing!). Music was some DJ or two playing remixes - one remix was so bad myself and friend John could hardly breath through laughing, it was so appalling! When entering, the woman wanted to stamp me, and I got all defensive thinking "Urr where??" Tch. I must remember that not everybody is perverted. Had 2 double Baileys, and lightweight me got a little drunk I think, as suddenly everything was hilarious, and everyone was suddenly attractive! John and I ended up shrieking Rocky Horror songs at the tops of our voices - no one could hear each other after all! Then started yelling Labyrinth songs, and the woman next to me wrapped herself around my outstretched arm and listened as we sang. She asked, "Is that Labyrinth?" Cue John and I laughing and cheering. So yes, a great night; thanks to Louse for inviting me, and Claire and Sarah for getting the tickets! Ain't usually my sort of thing, but I really did enjoy myself! Tch, I must have no judgement when I think I'm not gonna enjoy myself (lots of examples spring to mind here!).
New update in my ORIGINAL ART section, well actually 10! A storyboard/book kinda thing. Also for the first time ever, EVERYONE has had an update in the DUH section, good on you people!

2ND OCTOBER.HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY LOUSE!!!!There are such things as suicidal spiders! Last night, a huge spider was parading around the worktop in my kitchen, and whilst myself, sister and mum looked on in horrified shock, it ran straight towards us and fell forward right off! It flew forward through the air, landing near our feet. This was folllowed by myself screaming high, mum stepping back, and my sister running off into the main room to climb on the furniture. -_- I was told to "grow up" for screaming - whaaaat? It's a phobia! Tch. Anyways, new update in the PHOTOS section and a new GIFT ART from my mate John! Thanks guv!

30TH SEPTEMBER Awwww no. Remember that hideous shirt I bought (that I talked about in the last update) which my friend said looked like a granddad's top? My dad just said to me that he used to wear shirts like it!! Doomed, it is. Though someone at uni yesterday said they thought it was cool......not sure if they were being sarcastic. As I strolled into HMV yesterday, the speakers boomed, "FLASH!" If only John had been there! I was hideous at karate last night, very sluggish - I think it might have been the latte. They always make me very calm. Must remember not to visit Starbucks before karate (oh cruel world!!). Think I'm watching Rocky Horror tonight, as if I don't feel ill enough as it is :P And I can't believe it's nearly October! Can't wait though, as my calender has had bloody Grima Wormtongue all this month, been feeling like a right prat ;) More so than usual, of course! Oh well, back to painting!

28TH SEPTEMBER This event is a true story, and occurred in the early hours of this morning….
TRUDS: "Oh you'll never guess who's in that Tales of Riddick film with Vin Diesel!"
ASTI: "Chronicles of Riddick."
T: "Urr yeah. Anyway - Karl Urban!"
A: "Wow!"
T: "I know! How cool is that? He'll star alongside the lovely Viiiiinnie!"
A: "Will you stop mentioning his name to me?!"
T: "I wanna get you xXx for your birthday. No way I'm paying £18 though!"
A: "Actually it's £9.99 in the HMV sale."
T: "Oh is it?? Everyone'll probably buy it for your birthday now. You'll get around 10 copies!
A: "It'll be like that postcard scene in Harry Potter! There'll be DVDs flying down the chimney and in through the letterbox!"
Oh you wish Asti! That's quite enough of your personal fantasies, thankyou very much! *Awaits death sentence* Updates in FANART (your birthday pic Ryan, may as well let you see it!), BITCHIN section - new update to the GAME GLITCH article, and some fan bew comments under DUH.
Did anyone celebrate National Coffee on Friday? I doubt it! Well I did - finally used my voucher for a free drink (bought a hot choccy for my sister, so don't say I never get ya anything!). Other suggestions for National-whatever days include NATIONAL TEETH-ROTTING DAY, NATIONAL BEAT ASTRID ROUND THE HEAD DAY, and NATIONAL GIVE MONEY TO TRUDI DAY. Omigaaaawd you'll never guess what? I jokingly filled in a Starbucks questionnaire (claiming I was a doctor on it, and that the Starbucks at Leicester Square could do with more toilet rolls), and I got a letter back from them! They gave me 2 vouchers for 2 free drinks! Wow! "We hope you enjoy Starbucks for many years to come." You betcha! Visited an exhibition at the British Museum which included shrunken heads, knives, and very creepy masks. Excellent! Acted like a typical art student - stood in the way of everything, drawing rough sketches. Also bought myself a hideously nice new shirt, with the colours brown, blue, yellow and white all striped together - my friend John says it looks like an old granddad shirt.................... I have to agree. Have got a TON of university work to do, but all I want to do is drink coffee, listen to music, and read (ARGHHH!) the new Sandman graphic novel, Endless Nights!!! Absolutely fantastic - I wish one day at uni, they'd turn round and say "Pick one of the Endless characters, and illustrate a story on them." I would probably choke on my pencil on the spot. Happy choking, of course! Have seen the Return of the King trailer, and am to put it mildly, "quite happy". Refuse to watch the Revolutions trailer, as am told it's spoiler-heavy. Too many good films out at the moment!

25TH SEPTEMBER My website passed the 10,000 visitors mark, and I never noticed....I'm so sorry my precious site! Have a Starbucks latte on me. Omigawd people, I hope you all remember what day it is tomorrow! That's right - *NATIONAL COFFEE DAY*!! Woo hoo! I have a nice little Starbucks voucher which means I get a free latte, which I shall gladly use tomorow. 2 lattes in a row - it's what dreams are made of. New updates in the BITCHIN section under the WWRY bitchin, and a loooovely new DUH from John! We all watched Flash Gordon last night, and I'd forgotten just how awful that film was! "BAAAARON!" You have to hear the way this guy says it - we rewound it so many times....I made successful cups of tea last night (so I was told); this could be a new beginning for me! Anyways, off to central London tomorrow for some no doubt expensive exhibtion in the British Museum. Aaaaand lots of window shopping! Paperchase, Starbucks, Top Shop, Starbucks, HMV, Starbucks, Game, Starbucks, Bead Shop, Starbucks, Forbidden Planet....oh, and Starbucks. Yeah, that sounds about right. Oh yeah - I have a new email people, so if anyone's emailed me within the past week, I won't have got it! Ok, well off to uni now, ohhh how I just can't wait! :P

24TH SEPTEMBER I'm *still* not with it! I managed to drown cookies, where all you do add is water (whilst adding a bit of water from the tap, instead of turning it off, I pumped it up to full blast, oops). How were the cookies? Ok actually, hardly anyone was sick! Belated birthday celebrations to Ryan and David, who were both 21 on Monday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Ryan, sorry about you having to wait for your stuff, but a certain shop didn't have a certain present I wanted to buy ya! Bloody hell! David, I hope you appreciated your Cliff Richards calender, being his biggest fan and all ;) In other news, Mariane has left me! ..........Urrr, I mean, she's left home to go back to university, yeah, that's it.....Saw a certain show last week, saw a certain person there, who made a certain person swoon ever so slightly :P Yeesh, I've used the word "certain" 5 times in this update! Seems a certain (6!) person needs a slap! Updates: check out the DUH section for some hilarious new comments - I think John may have said his funniest comment yet! Also under the BITCHIN section is a new fanfic, along with an illustration from my black and white-obssessed sister. Oh oh, if you get the chance to see the film Cypher, go see it! And if you have the chance to see The Italian Job, don't bother - go watch the original and best! Ta ta!

16TH SEPTEMBER I don't think I've been "with it" for the past few days. Example: on Sunday, I decided to make cookies, and being the idiot that I am, never even looked at the box. So halfway through making 'em, thought "These don't smell like cookies....oh well!" Then went to add the choc chips, and discovered I'd been making fairy cakes..... The mixture was completely ruined, but did I care? Nope! :P Added an egg, cooked it all, and they actually tasted alright, much to the fixed grins of Asti and John. My mum was a blatant "Oh you praaaat!" heheh! Am back at uni now, got a new desk and everything - must fill my wall with junk. Fine art people are now at Cat Hill campus, so it feels a lot busier, which is a shame. BUT, they now serve LATTES in the cafe! LATTES!!!!! Doesn't reach the lofty heights of a Starbucks latte, but it'll do. Also started back at karate last night, and it felt great :D I was fighting my sensei, but we had to stop after 2 kicks, cos I kept aiming at his groin (gorin, Mariane!), and I think he knew he wouldn't block the next kick, heheh! There's some birthdays coming up, seems everyone is 21 this year! So expect to see some writing and art up after next Monday. Getting broadband this Thursday (wow!), though am gonna be out all evening, and the next day as well, how typical is that? *Twitches* Oh and hey, I done the national lottery for the first time, and won a tenner! Yeah!

14TH SEPTEMBER I sat opposite Elisabeth Swan (of POTC fame) and showed her my belongings.
"I have an update," I mumbled.
"Speak louder, wench!" Swan pouted.
I took a sip from my latte, cleared my throat, and began anew. "I have an update, sir."
Swan's top lip quivered with rage.
"You'll find new photos up in the Photos section," I continued, "As well as some fantastic new comments in the Duh section. My mum is a new addition also."
"Anything else to report?" Swan asked, patting her top lip.
"Yes…" I said, whipping my clothes off to a bewildered Swan (that sounds dodgy!). "These bruises and battle scars you see before thine eyes were acquired last week during a paintballing session. I managed to damage a few people, though sadly, casualties weren't high. I'd like to go again, finish the war, though perhaps Quazar would be the less painful option."
Swan nodded.
"I begin back at university tomorrow," I said, gathering up my clothes. "My second (though technically third) year. I shall be enrolling and I fear I shall not emerge victorious; nay, even alive! Some have began enrolling at a young age and finished as pensioners!"
"That's lovely," said Swan.
"Isn't it?" I said.
"Quite," said Swan.

8TH SEPTEMBER If you wanna know what I was up to all yesterday, go to the Bitchin section and click on the WWRY link! I *gasp* got to see them perform for free, riiiight close up, then meet em and get their autographs! FANGIRL ALERT! Shall update my photos section at some point, woo! I am currently playing through Half Life still, and I dunno if anyone else had any problems, but I find the Normal difficulty level pretty hard, ha! I'm not used to fps games, that's it, oh and my thumbs have been hurting, oh oh, and they Sun is always reflecting off the tv at vital moments.....

6TH SEPTEMBER I am not seeing Pirates of the Carribean ANY MORE TIMES!!! It's a great film, but c'mon, 4 times? In such a short space of time....Nope, that's it. No more Johnny Depp and his sexy ways. Enough. Right. Good. I have new updates in my Bitchin section, for the WWRY review and my Gaming Glitch bitchin! I should have more stuff up in the Duhhh section, but I'm feeling extrememly lazy at this moment in time (hoping it wears off soon). Is it me or has it been suddenly very hot again here in London the past few days? Saw WWRY for the 3rd time (thanks for the tickets mum!), and I must say I enjoyed myself too much again. I wish it'd wear off, it's such an expensive thing to like! Is like enjoying the taste of diamonds or something. Am going paintballing next week - one of my fellow karate students came back with massive bruises doing that! Forget the brusies, I don't want any paint in my hair! If the guys aim at my head, I go for the groin, and I'll *try* not to enjoy it :P Don't worry about the "seasoned pros" Asti, I'm sure they'll go for me! Ok, everyone please wish a speedy recovery to Louse and John's mum who's in hospital at the moment. To Ast; get off the phone (hour long chats aren't good!), to Mariane; puuuuuuure alchemy!!! :P And to myself; ;shut up!

1ST SEPTEMBER "Arrrgh! I been shot! I don't believe this! Can everyone stop getting shot shot shot?!" If anyone remembers this line from a song, then shame on you! If you don't, well done! Still, if you're interested in hearing the song, go to Kazaa, type up 'Oxide and Neutrino' and....*sigh*the name of the song is 'Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty).' In case anyone gets confused here, I HATE this song!!! Ok, new update includes a Bitchin from yours truly (thanks for the photo John!), some gift lyrics from the lovely Mariane posted in the Gift art section, a new Duhhh, and new links/banners for Louse's site in the links section! Wooo! Louse, we all seem to be drunk in near enough every one of those photos, sooo embarressing. To tell you the truth, I've been rather down lately, haven't felt like doing much, talking much, keep getting terrible backache and my eyes have been aching me constantly. I just been feeling real weak all the time, everything feels like an effort. Even a Starbucks latte didn't brighten me up, dunno what's going on :/ And my sister dragged me to see 'Jeepers Creepers 2', which really got me in the huff. Asti, I want those 2 wasted hours of my life back! Ahh, listen to me moaning. As a parting gift, click here people. Thanks for that, Dean!

29TH AUGUST Updaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! Yes an update for you faaabulous people! Ok, first up are 5 new pics in the original art section ("5?!" I hear you cry! Yes, my art is like buses). And also a new pic up in the fanart section! Take that! Oh oh, and new photos! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand some delicious new updates up in the Duhhh section yay! Anything else? Why you ungrateful -. No, nuffin else my dears, that's it, I am a sponge squeezed dry! There's nothing much else to say, I haven't been doing anything of great interest for you internet-dwelling people to read about. Other than play against Asti and John in "The Scorcese Board" championships - skateboarding in Metal Gear Solid2: Substance. It's extremely addictive I tells ya, and great for showing off with! I am currently winning, with a high score of 80,000+ hahahah....not that that'll mean anything to most of you ;) Or any of you in fact! ....................... Good gawd I need a latte........

25TH AUGUST *Extremely smug* Does, mmm, anyone notice anything different about the site? A big thanks to Ryan for the new layout, and for putting up with all my ridiculously stupid qustions. Idiot alert! Has come to my attention that a lot of you are not even *aware* of the existence of the Duhhh section under the Bitchin section! Honestly! All my *cough* hard work! ;)

24TH AUGUST *Perches on Billy Flynn's knee and plasters a fixed grin across her face* I saw Tomb Raider 2 on Friday, and I can honestly say that was one of the best films my eyes have ever had the pleasure of viewing! *Grin falters, and more craggy, underslept and pissed off expression emerges across face* What were they thinking?! Hilariously blatant product placement, awful dialogue delivered in monotone voices - "I miss you, bye." And that glowing disco ball, which replaced the Sun in the (thankfully) last shot made me wanna - *Billy Flynn coughs, and prods a finger into my lower back, whispering angrily, "Shut up, dummy!"

Updates include some new sketches, aaaaand some new comments in the Duh section. LOTR:TTT is out on dvd, yay! I'm finally getting my uni project started, yay! And ur, I had a latte yesterday, yay!

16TH AUGUST My sister said, "Let's go see Freddy vs Jason". My friend Mariane said, "It's Freddie Mercury vs Jason Isaacs!" Freddie's voice vs the cold sexiness of Mr Isaacs I thought. Um......5 seconds into the film, a woman's naked chest is (fakely) bouncing onscreen. [Sarcasm]Oooh, well my sort of film then![/sarcasm] Better than Terminator 3 though, har! Ok, so that was a low blow. Ok, update! Just 2 new lovely quotes from Asti for my Dur section (under Bitchin). Astrid - *YOU* ARE THE UPDATE!!! You know she keeps confusing Jason Isaacs with JEREMY IRONS?? *Cough splutter*Have new photos to go up, but I want my holiday ones to hang around for a little while just to annoy people :) Am soon gonna be uploading TONS of new artwork soon, but am currently still drawing it all (is my bloody uni project *kisses teeth*). Oh, a big hello to John and Louse, back today from Ireland - with my "abilities", I can predict that they both wish they were still there!

13TH AUGUST "Staaaaand, and deliverrrrr, (oyaoyaooooo!) your money or your...life! Hoooooooooooo!"

12TH AUGUST If you have friends (and I hope that you have!), do not listen to them if they tell you to see the rubbish that is Terminator 3. UUUUUURGHHHHHHHH! I wasted a few hours of my life, though it felt like days. What was with the sound effects (*BOING*), and why was Arnie's groin bellowing smoke? Yes, it did seem to catch on fire early in the film. Not that I was looking. And ze woman... what was with all the highly suggestive blood slurping? "Ooh I ain't 'alf sexy!" she slurps and winks at the audience. John Connor was a wimp! As my sister said, he looks like the love-child between Dr Bashir from Deep Space Nine and Dom Monaghan (Meriadoc Brandybuck). *Retches* I have a new gift picture up in my gift art section (I said there'd be art...not mine though, ahem!), from the ever-sexy Mariane! It is hilarious, I advise you to drop everything and go look now please. Oh go on! Yeah, thanks! My Queen obsession has plunged to new depths, as yesterday my free time was spent making the "ultimate" Queen mini disc album........*silence* I had a blank 74minute disc, but the running time was 76 minutes 59 seconds. So I went on a very long walk just to get me an 80minute one............I need help!

10TH AUGUST Update ahoy! Watch out for the rocks! There are more new photos up, as well as more enteries in the Dur section (found at the bottom of the Bitchin page). Saw Pirates of the Carribean (Cirates of the Parribean), and thought that though the film was very enjoyable, Johnny Depp totally eclipsed it! Jack Sparrow is hazardous to your health! Every scene he was in he stole, and he had all the best lines. Had I been any of the other members of the cast, I would have said stuff it! Maybe they all acted so awfully, which is why Johnny Depp appeared so good. "How'd you get off the island?!" demands one of the pirates. Jack Sparrow spreads his arms and simply says, "I'm Jack Sparrow!" Heh, ohhhhh right, I see! I can't decide whether Mr Depp was better in this or Sleepy Hollow (which he was also hilarious in). Urghhhhhhhh!!! Gawd, and Orlando Bloom realy can't act can he? Sure he's delicious eye candy, but that's basically it....which is a shame. Then again, as Monica Belucci, Mel from Terminator 3, and whatsherface in POTC will tell ya, that's never hindered them! Nyahahahah! In other news London has had it's hottest weather EVER, but in good news, alot of the shops are empty due to this! Bought Queen Live at Wembley on dvd, but I can't go up in my room at the moment, as it's in the process of melting :/ (Oh and hello again to David's rat, which he's now decided to call Badger or Brock, tch. Boromir ain't a "sad" name!! Nevertheless, go with Brock :D).

8TH AUGUST My Inbox has over 900 mails......99% spam. Listen spammers, I DO NOT want to seduce women, I have no need for viagra, Dutch sluts do not interest me, and I can't possibly think of any body part on myself that needs enlarging! *Wild eyes*The world has gone mad! Aaaaaanyways, back from my holiday at East Prawle, where I had a great time, and managed to avoid being bitten by the locals. Am currently a mixture of tanned and red skin (the next person who slaps my stinging thighs is getting a suggestive kick up the arse!). Now, I have some holiday photos up in the Photos section, and have tried not to make them dull ;) Over the next few days, shall update with more photos, Misquotes, and art (art??!). I wanna go back on holiday, the temperature in London is at melting point! Am having to resort to fighting for shade in the bushes with my cats (who pack a mean punch). Oh oh, just wanted to say a big hello to my friend David's new rat, Boromir! Classic name; suggested nicknames are BO and Mir :P

14TH JULY A whole new page of photos is up, which includes Aragorn, Star Wars figures, Agents, and references to The Ring! Click on the Photos link above to go looksie. Also got a new link, my freundin Louse's The Thrills website, which is proving to be sehr popular :) Saw Whale Rider yesterday, a FANTASTIC New Zealand film. I'm a little worried that I'm getting that I'm getting too sentimental in my old age, as the sight of whales started making me really *upset* throughout the film! But before you laugh and kick me to the floor, I just wanna say that they had a strong meaning in the film, and the music was all nice ;) Plus my 2 "associates" who were with me also found the film quite emotional, heheh! "I'm not wiping away a tear, just tucking my hair behind my ears, that's all!" *Giant wet-sounding sniff* Go see, people, it's one of those lovely (sadly rare) films where you're completely absorbed with everything on screen,stuff life outside of the cinema! Also saw *shudder* The Hulk (actually, it's just Hulk isn't it?). AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL film. Maybe cos I'd just seen a great film I was a little harsh on Hulk, but no, that film....no. The editing was making me sick - I know it was meant to be like a comic book, but that bit where the guy leaps from an explosion and he's suddenly cropped around....oh gaaaaaaaawd! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! What was that??! And Bruce Banner transforming was pretty dodgy.....Heh, and a friend of mine said that when the Hulk was leaping around all over the place, he was like a bloody Gummi Bear! Nyahahahahahahah! *Sings* We are the Gummi Bears! We are the Gummi Beaaaaars! My friend and I got so bored at one point we were watching the light coming out of the back of the theatre - "Oooh, look at all the dust!" Th elevel of boredom was astounding. I know my male friends think I'm being harsh on it, but then they hadn't just seen Whale Rider. So we're all biased! I leave you now to go watch THE BANGER SISTERS, a film which my sister rented out from her work. Yes, she is insane, I better go force feed her her pills :)

12TH JULY A new link, check out Dr Nasty's website of Sin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urm, I mean, check out my mate Leon's site, please ;) You know what? That We Will Rock You show was actually very good! Of course the music was great, but there was this real camp bad guy, which made the whole 'plot' bearable. Saw 2 films yesterday - Dark Blue (ruuuuuuubbish. Kurt Russell needs to cut his hair!) and Identity, which I really enjoyed. Plus does anyone think John Cusack and Alan Rickman look similar? They have the same sorta eyes and pouty mouths...The weather is faaaar too hot over here again, but at least it's shorts weather! Though the armies of ants are out in full force, and squadrons of flying ants are arriving all the time. This is gonna be a full on invasion! Doors shut, windows shut! I can only glare at them, and threaten to wipe them out with the hose......I have a few times actually, but they still return, armies of undead ghost ants, tearing across the garden......Salt doesn't work either (that's slugs, you fool!). "Anti-ant powder" is useless also, I need to find a weapon against them fast! Maybe that new Terminator woman? Naked? Or maybe a naked Kurt Russell, now that'd scare em! Run while you still can, you horrible little freaks!!! *Huff puff*

9TH JULY Happy Geburstag (birthday) Mum! She is 60 today, bless her, and is all excited with her "freedom pass", which allows her to get stuff cheap (like cinema tickets) and use public transport for FREE! Dammit, I wanna be 60 :P For her birthday, my sister, dad and I bought her *cough* Lady Chatterly's Lover on DVD (naked Sean Bean....too naked, actually), Six Feet Under season 1 on DVD (the whole Homer Simpson and his bowling ball debate continues, as my sister and I wanted this just as much as my mum did), tickets for the West End Queen show We Will Rock you (off to see tonight, help me), and tickets for The Matrix Reloaded at the IMAX, which we saw on Sunday. And is was brilliant, thought my ears and eyes were gonna explode. In a good way of course! Oh and beware those books A Series of Unfortunate Events, they're surprisingly addictive. And as usual, I think the bad guy is great, he even dresses in drag in one of the books, which of course is always good! I'm still shocked that 3 people I know refuse to watch Priscilla because of Hugo Weaving in drag, it's unbelievable! Cos they want Revolutions to be "untainted" or whatever.....What is the world coming to, ay? :D

5TH JULY Whilst tearing along the backstreets of my local scummy area on my motorbike, I finally realised something....... *sings tunelessly* I loooove the nightlife! I've got to boogie!!!

3RD JULY July already? Time is most definetely flying past! Must learn to keep up.....before I know it, it'll be November, and Matrix Revolutions will be out, soon followed by ROTK....wait, is this a bad thing?? Ok, new update includes a sketchy Snape pic I drew, which you may view in the fanart section. Also some new links in the (duh) links section. Hrmmm, this is sooo annoying. You know when you've soooo much to say, and then when you finally have the chance, you just open your mouth, and silence emerges (followed by head tilting, drooling, and eyes going slightly, no, make that very crossed)? I'm suffering from it! Am at the moment trying to read 4 books - Harry Potter OOTP (again!), The Woman in Black, Wheel of Time book 7 (they all got daft names) and A Series of Unfortunate Events book 1. It's stupid of me, as I'm *also* still working on that commission (not as finished as I thought it was!), my uni project, and am playing through the joooooy that is Metroid Prime. Oh and also watching films non-stop and practically living in my friends John and Louse's house. I think they'll kick me out soon, as they cant stand me dragging Hugh Jackman everywhere and leaving my underwear littered on their furniture ;) There's also the matter of rewatching that old made-for-tv film, The Worst Witch, which never ceases to make me laugh! It's so bad it's good, you know? Oh, and the urm, new Tomb Raider game has finally arrived glitching at these here shores! For John's sake, I shall keep my opinions to myself, but I will say that's it totally what I expected it to be like........oh pleeease I just wanna bitch! Let me bitch! *Chews on keyboard*

25TH JUNE Omigaaaaawd, I can't believe Harry dies! Only joking, it's Dumbledore! Still playing with you........it's Snape! Pft, as if! Were it him, you'd have heard the shrieking fit from myself across the world. Yessss, i've finished reading the latest Harry Potter book, and can tell you I immensly enjoyed it, and am cracking my collection of whips at JK Rowling so she may continue writing the next two. I have updated the site with a wee review of the book, so go take a peek please at the Bitchin page. SPOILER WARNING but of course, if you don't wanna have the knowledge of who dies. And if you do, try and not spoil it for people! It's been near impossible not yelling out the name to my sister (I admittedly did once while in Starbucks yesterday, but she wasn't listening to me). And that's it, all over for another few years now, oh the torture of waiting. But that's also the fun of it, the anticipation. What have we got to look foward to after it's all over?......ur, other than our lives of course? :P Have been doing a large amount of film-watching of late, which includes Bruce Almighty (dull), Adaptation (interesting), Waking Ned (home of the eccentrics),The Tuxedo (craaaaap, except for Jason Isaacs!), Harry Potter COS (Jason Isaacs and Alan Rickman in the same film *drool*). Yars, so there you have it. And am nearing completion (kinda) of my commission, at long last! Gotta get started on my university summer project, damn them!!! Need help need help, need inspiration..........

21ST JUNE No update, well, I got more photos I could update mit, but I doubt you'd be interested ;) Arse shots of myself and friends arses on holiday, all very unflattering, in my case anyways. Who knew a arse could fill an entire person's vision?? Anyways. Have seen Reloaded 4 and a half times now, and plan on seeing it one last time, before I start seeing too many mistakes (Asti swears she saw a guy in a goatee in the 100 Agent Smith fight. I saw a tall lanky blond guy). Had a great day out with Ryan, whose porn name he revealed is Domino Samson (or was it Sampson), so wave hello to Domino everyone! Also was taken to a, hrmmm, shall we say single sex bar with my mate-bitch Mariane and schwester Asti, and sampled in the delights of butterskotch shots (only £1 each!). Of course, this is all in the past, and today is Harry Potter day! Around 2am, myself and my mum went out to the local Tescos, where I launched myself at the huge quantity of Harry Potter books which greeted me at the entrance. I am nearly halfways through, and am EXTREMELY disappointed that there's been hardly ANY SNAPE!!! He is my fave character, he soooo nasty >:D But other than that, I'm loving it, and the characters are acting alot more like moody angsty teenagers at long last. Hrmm, is that a good thing?

"No one understands me!!!" yelled Harry as he dove head first into Snape's cauldron of angst potion. Snape blew kisses at Malfoy, whilst Ron leered at Hermione, who rearranged her scarf made from Crookshanks, whom she'd eaten earlier that week.

17TH JUNE A small update. If you'll have a wander over to my Art section, you'll see that in both the Original Art and Gift Art sections, the thumbnails are now ALOT smaller and quicker to load up :) I will be doing the same for the other two sections, but for now, I'm off to make cookies! Oh oh, and watched Gosford Park last night, recommended! Those aristocratic bitches!

16TH JUNE Hello again people! Back from my holiday, not exactly refreshed, but certainly full of great memories....well uh, some great memories ;) Like climbing to the tops of mountain (or getting airlifted halfway up, ahem), beautiful scenery, MEN IN KILTS, lovely food, nice people, and it was basically nice to have a few days away from hot smelly London. Though of course I missed it, of course!! My friend Mariane and I (who have very similar tastes in men, music and movies) sang Priscilla songs most of the time, to keep us entertained and everyone else annoyed beyond belief, heh. Jules, if you're reading this, Hugo Weaving plays a drag queen! He's in denial you see: "Smiths cool, he's the man, he wouldn't be dressed in a skirt!" Just you wait, Jules :P But yes, I really enjoyed myself up there, am glad I never got drunk (eyes certain people), and would like to visit there again some time. The scenery was so nice, I kept imagining I was in New Zealand ;) Without all the rain, heh. Actually, I'm really not sure how much rain that place gets, but to stay looking so green, it must get its fair share.... Heh, in one of the curry restaurants there, we met a Londoner! But as Mariane was quick to point out, he had very leering eyes. I had to share a bed with my sister, which I really wasn't happy with at first (as if we're not classed enough as the same person all the time - wot, there's 2 people in that bed??) but I got over it. And *I'm* supposedly the bedsheet-hogger. Ahem!

Ahh well, back in London, and with an update! New photos up, my good friends! I've actually got a load to put up, but I know how much people roll their eyes at photos, so I've put up a select few for now, which include my 2 new cats and a few holiday snaps. Am gonna be meeting the lovely Mr Button again in central London this Thursday, which shall be cool. I'm secretly thinking of dragging him to see The Matrix Reloaded, just so he can finally experience a cinema on Leicester Square ;) Of course! MUST book tickets for the IMAX sometime, gotta gotta gotta. The Lion King in there was a fantastic experience, and to see the 100 Agent Smith fight in there would be a personal heaven for meee, hee hee! Whoa, went all leery for a sec there. Might be going on holiday again early August to yearly Devon, but meine Mutti is not going, so I might stay to keep her company. Heh, that's probably the opposite of what she wants, ay? Oh, and am playing through The Two Towers on GBA at the mo, thanks to David for recommending it. Aragorn shouts (mumbles) some Elvish when he does a certain move, but none of us can understand what he says. Personally, I think he shouts "I've got to hide!!" :D

7TH JUNE Hello my sexy friends! Big news! I can finally update this place whenever I want! Not that I couldn't really before, but due to problems with the ftp, it wouldn't allow me to update and I had to send all my rubbish off to my friend Ryan to do for me. Now I shall no longer burden poor Mr Button, I shall be handing the burden over to....myself ;) So hopefully I can quickly edit all the horrendous typos I seem to make every update! Ahhh, me so happy! Thanks for the help Ryan! Ok, well anyways, no update. Nuffin! Sorry bout that, just ain't been in much of a drawing mood the past few days, been lazing and trying to complete Zelda (on the last boss I think!). Also been watching my sister play that naaaasty Silent Hill 3. I won't be playing it, surprised? I have jumped and gasped and uttered slight screams due to agame, but last night I done a proper full out, high-pitched, girly scream -_- So did my sister though, so that makes it alright. She's walking around this room, and our attention is meant to be on this figure in the background. As she's walking, this dead body drops from the ceiling with a scream, and dangles there. I completely jumped outta my skin, done a loud loooong scream, and had a sore throat the rest of the night ;) Stupid STUPID game!!! Not gonna play it, never! Ahem, have also seen Reloaded 3 and a half times now, and have watched The Animatrix countless times. I LOVE The Second Renaissance, Kid's Story and Beyond. But what the hell is going on with Matriculated? What a rubbish way to finish off an otherwise great disc. Would like to have seen a story focused on the Agents, the AI, or something along those lines. Am off to the land of the Scots next week, so you won't be seeing anything updated here ("Nothing new" I hear you all mutter). I can't wait, and I only wish that Louse und John were coming also. Tch tch. Oh well, signing off now, seeya in a week!

3RD JUNE Have seen The Matrix Reloaded twice so far, and can honestly say, hand on heart (wherever it's got to) that I didn't mind the Zion scenes at all this time round. So maybe I should alter parts of my review for it......nah. I've been on a bit of a Hugo Weaving high at the moment, so pop on over to the Bitchin section, and you'll find a short fanfic I've written involving my fave three characters of his - Agent Smith, Elrond and Mitzi ;) To those of you bad people who have never seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert, I urge you to go see it now! (Yit, I need to lend you the DVD! Just let me leer a few more times, than you can have!).There is also a new pic up, kinda not my usual style...go check in the original art section. I'm still working on a commission at the moment, is taking a lot longer than I expected. I blame it on the hot weather. Boo in that it's too hot, but yay that I get to wear shorts! I don't give a toss about exposing my (pale) legs. I do karate, so they're not exactly flabby, and they're not stick insect thin either:) But no skirts, noooooo skirts (except on special occasions)! How would I be able to (decently) kick someone in the head? Exactly, I'm glad you understand. Off on holiday next week! Scotland. How much clothing should I bring? Tons? Or just do what a friend suggested and wear the same clothing all week? :P Decisions, decisions... Ahem, and I finish off this update with a song - "I've been to paradise, but I've never been to meeeeee!"

25TH MAY Have seen The Matrix Reloaded.... along with the rest of the world ;) Wanna know what I thought? Check out my review in the Bitchin section! Don't ever take what I say there seriously, ok? Also a new gift art from Errol, a sort of collaberation, but as usual, I'm only told when people send me it ;) Now that I've seen *that* film, I feel I can finally move on in life. Move onto hyping up The Matrix Revolutions and Return of the King! I'm wishing my life away!! Spent Friday and Saturday at my aunt's house in Basingstoke, a "nice part of England"tm. You know, a place where there's still lots of fields and trees? Thanks for all the food Jacky! I was gonna say that I'm not sure I'll ever eat again, but we all know that's a lie! But, I was at bursting point yesterday, which is not often, so thanks! Went to this place called "The Living Rainforest" - you step into various greenhouses, all of which have temperatures soaring from 30c upwards! I was wearing a shirt and jeans, and felt like a complete and utter prat. Before I'd walked in (with jacket on still), a group of red-faced, sweaty people told me to take my jacket off before stepping inside. I raised an eyebrow, and thought "Oh yeeeah, perverts in Basingstoke as well?" then stepped inside and nearly melted. Mmm, nothing like sweat is there? I was desperately hoping a group of gorgeous men would walk in, proclaim that it was too hot, and then shed all their clothing. :) Never happened....well, only in my mind! The Eurovision Song Contest was on last night, and Austria has to have been the worst, but best song there! Something about rabbits and kitten's paws...And it came 5th or something, getting lots of points! I was laughing, but also questionning the sanity of Europe....and then Britain gave them 8 points. Our song, on the other hand, got ZERO! Heheh, it was rather crap though, but c'mon! Oh well, shall spend the rest of the day dreaming of The Matrix Reloaded, and anxiously await the return of Six Feet Under on tv tonight!!!!!!!

18TH MAY Can't....breath, need...to calm....down.....This is the state I'm in due to the fact that I'll have seen The Matrix Reloaded this time next week!! Tried pre-booking tickets today at my 'lovely' local cinema, and was told I couldn't, unless I phoned...though I wouldn't be able to book seats.....So in other words, I could end up riiiiiight at the front or at the back. "Nein danke!", ich sagt! So myself, meine Schwester, and a load of friends shall just have to turn up on the day and hope there's tickets. I plan on getting there at 10:30am, so even if there's no spaces until 9pm, so bloody be it! No new art at the moment, am working on a commission though, so expect summat soon. My new Bitchin I think will be on The Matrix Reloaded (surprise) post Thursday. Or Friday. My last Bitchin was all over the place, and that's how my mind's feeling at the moment. I want to discuss Zelda, but I ain't finished it, I would like to do a talk on gorgeous guys (:P) but I need to see *that* film, plus I don't think anyone would be interested in it ;) Ohhhhh I dunno what I'm doing with myself, I really am all over the place. Need to calm down. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is on tv tonight, my least fave of the trilogy, but I'm sure Dr Jones can help calm my mind :D

15TH MAY Another new update! Can I have a latte? *Is handed latte*Aww thanks mate, you're alllllright! Yes, I have an update in my sketch section, probably the most 'complete' sketch I've ever done, was debating with my inner selves on putting it in the main gallery. Then I thought sod it, and threw it with all the sketchy stuff. Ta da, now you know its history, you lucky people! I've been a little ill the past few days, much to my annoyance. Nothing I could really do sadly, but I could sure as hell complain to everyone around me ;) So apologys to Louse and Asti mainly (not Asti so much, cos guess what she's bloody playing up in my room rightnow! I update cos she's playing on that game!). I recently got ahold of a game for my GBA called Advance Wars, got it reallll cheap :D It's a great and highly addictive little game! So addictive that when I jumped in the bath, I refused to wash until I'd finished the mission ;) So I sat there in rapidly cooling water, desperate to kill off the invading army! Hrrmm, that might have been more detail there than you wanted to know. Pretend you never read it. I'll hopefully be seeing The Matrix Reloaded this time next week, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!! 100 Agent Smiths....wow.....Hehheh, shut up perverted mind, shut up!!! >:D

13TH MAY Happpppppppy birthday John! 19, gawd you're so old! Hope you enjoyed today! Yup, tis my friend's birthday, sadly he still had uni to go to with us, he couldn't just bunk off. And the weather was pretty crap, but hey, I'm sure that drunk on the bus cheered him up! My only new update is a piece of fanart - the lovely Jen from Primal. Lovely graphics, interesting characters, but far too rushed. And my sisteris playing on MY copy of Zelda, tch. Can you believe my university is setting us all a project to do for the summer? I bloody KNEW they would! And if it's as crap as the last project, then oooohhhh I can't wait. -_- Was putting up the end of year display, though I worked harder on setting it up,getting boards, tables, and junk, while over lazy sods wandered in, grabbed a wall, threw their art on it, and wandered off again. I can't stand laaaazy people!!! I'm one to talk, but when it comes to things like this, I get mad. Ahhhh, Matrix Reloaed ads have stated appearing on the sides of buses!!!........they should be more green though, not that dull white background. Oh oh, I need to do a new rant for my Bitchin section, anyone got any suggestions? Nothing crude please....well, not *too* crude anyways. :P Oh I dunno, something like why Hugh Jackman is too gorgeous, and needs to stop with the sexiness? Hmm?

9TH MAY Just messing around with stuff, now got me a history page for my updates at the bottom, if you'd kindly scroll down the page. Not exciting, and it ain't *all* the updates since the start of this place, but no one cares anyways! *Silence* Ok, I have recently done a new piece of artwork, but I can't "show it off" yet, as it's for my friend John's birthday on Tuesday, and so would be a big spoiler for him. Oh oh, I bought Zelda for the Gamecube on Wednesday, and am now totally addicted! I refuse to acknowledge it when I first saw those rather odd graphics, but over time, realised his was a Zelda game, for crying out loud! No matter what the graphics were like, the gameplay, level design etc, would be great. And it is! Sailing is a cool new feature, and I love arriving at these obscure little islands with a person standing on them. No boat, just them. Do they swim there?? And I love taking stupid photos, though the photo guy seems to hate everything I take.....much like my tutors really! Anyways, I'm totally addicted, staying up into the early hours of the morning "just to get a liiiiittle further". And my sister is addicted too, much to my annoyance. Go get bloody nasty Silent Hill 3, Zelda is MINE!!! *Huff puff* I should be playing on it now, not updating!

6TH MAY Due to the constant whipping sessions from my friend Leon (which I enjoyed btw!), I have been forced into making this site active once more! Oh my, it's been a long time hasn't it? I'm so sorry! I don't really have any excuses....just since the death of wee George, have't felt like being on the intternet much, has lost it's appeal. And then we got 2 new cats, say hello to Raziel and Cid :) Right, 3 new original pics up by me, a new fanart, and 2 gift pics. Got loads more stuff to put up, but this is what you shall have for now! Need to do a new Bitchin....Gawd, I got so much to talk about, but it'll just have to go unsaid, as it'd take up toomuch space....My three recent obssessions are Zelda on the GBA (so stuck all the time!), Primal on the PS2 (Screeeeee!) and X Men 2....or should I say Hugh Jackman *dribble* Thank gawd I was eating or drinking at the time when they showed that showed of him naked, otherwise I'd have made a mess ;) Am getting into a frenzy over The Matrix Reloaded, shut my eyes EVERYTIME they show the final trailer, as everyone tells me it's spoiler heavy. All I hear are gasps around me.....America get it a week before us, who do they think they are?? Heheh, well, last time we got it 2 months after them, so I won't complain much...*much*! Ok, well am about to sign off, but I promise to update this place more, I do! Must get back into the swing of things!

16TH MARCH My young grey longhair cat, George, passed away on Friday, aged only 14, soon to be 15. I'm absolutely hearbroken, as is the rest of my family. Everything in my house reminds me of him, everywhere I look. And I miss his presence soooo much, I used to drag him around *everywhere* (whether he wanted it or not). But he was a very placcid cat, would let me hug him and squeeze him, and he never got angry. The only grey longhair in this area, totally unique. And my mum and dad never want a longhair cat again, due to the mess they make and canget in ;) Wellwhatever, when I'm living in my own place, it'll be swamped with longhair cats!

Sir George - A Life

Click to visit my George dedication page, which the lovely MR Button recommended I should do. I shall probably move it soon to the Me page, so he can settle down there with me (I'm sure he would have 'loved' that ;). 3 cheers to George!

12TH MARCH Yello once again! How are we this fine March day? Goood, good. I have changed the layout to my Art section, so now those of us with modems can load up the page a lot quicker - go see for yourself and you'll see what I mean. There's a new Bitch(!) uploaded, and also a new Gift art pic, thanks Sam! Sorry it took me so long to put up, but I am a lazy sod after all ;) Nothing much to report really, other than my sister got a job working in a computer games shop, and that place has 2 rather sexy Blood Omen 2 posters which I think would look great on my wall.... ;) "Oh dear, they blew off the wall and fell in my bag!" Am still playing through Blood Omen (that game is HARD!) and my copy of Blood Omen 2 FINALLY arrived! Eheheheheheheheh! I like it! Ok, I like Kain, but the game is still good! He runs around half naked, *such* a disgrace, my innocent eyes can't look at him for too long a period...My week off doesn't look like it's gonna be very eventful, but I quite like that, as I gots loadsa stuff to be catching up mit, plus I gots to read Erewhon. That's where I'd like to be right now!

9TH MARCH Another update, more arty this time! As it really should be on an art site (not that you'd know it half the time!). I got me a commission! Well chuffed! I need to draw more. I still draw a lot, but nothing ever gets completed, cos I have a constant stream of university projects....And a bloody essay coming up! AN ESSAY! And I'm taking ILLUSTRATION! No one else I know (except my sister) seems to get worked up over this. Lesse, would a person taking an English degree have to spend every Friday doing art all day? Course not, cos that's stupid! Bah, I hoped never to see another essay once I started my degree. As usual, I was mistaken ;) Can you believe it's been over a week since I was last at the cinema?? I know! I would have (to my shame) went and seen Maid in Manhatten on Friday, but my poor little cat George is very unwell, seems like his wee liver is packing up :( You'll see George spread across this website, so whatever happens to him, he is immortalised on the internet! I recently visited an old school friend of mine, Dean, who it was great to see! But he's a bad influence when it comes to games. Leads me off to that local game shop, where they sell games cheap....PSO for the GC!!! Oh how I swooned at the sight of it! ;) Am off to see him again soon - I shall make sure I have no money on me! Am playing through the original Blood Omen at the moment - I've fallen in love with Kain's voice ;) "Vae victussss!!!!" Gawd the graphics are old, but it's like Zelda games - extremely addictive! But let's not talk about the loading times. *Shakes fist at game* Have also "sampled in the delights" of Tomb Raider 4, but I seem to show myself up everytime! Who would have thought it was scary? I got cornered by these 2 mummies, and started shrieking at the tv, which my sister and John both laughed and screamed instructions at me.Also got lost in a square room. Have a knack at finding all the glitches in the game, but let's face it, that's not hard,is it? ;) Still, I am enjoying myself, when I actually play it, that is. Should have another update soon, am off this week!

4TH MARCH New update! Wow! New art! Photos! New link! Check! I need to update site more -_- Hrmm, well on the new front, have been watching a lotta films recently, nothing that stands out sadly. Except for The Ring! The Japanese version I might add!! Haven't been that scared in a long time, that bloody end bit with *her* and the tv......Gyah! The American version was good, but changed bits of the story that really didn't need changing. And that kid!!! "It's a conumdrum!" Enough with the intelligent kids in horror movies! Enough! In music news, went to see Howard Shore peform music from LOTR: FOTR with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and both adult and boy choirs! Was great, when they played the songs "A Journey in the Dark" and "The Breaking of the Fellowship", I really felt like crying ;) Grinned throughout the entire peformance! There's nothing like watching an orchestra peform live on front of you with the original composer conducting.........Am off to see Jerry Goldsmith this month peforming his music with the London Symphony Orchestra, CAN'T WAIT! This'll be my 4th time seeing him, he's so cool and funny :D Want John Williams to do another concert! C'mon Jonny!!!! I tells ya, when he ended his last concert with the Indiana Jones theme, people were up on their feet clapping und cheering! Ahhhh.............I was 16 then, nearly 21 now! Shows you how long it's been! In game news, have got back into playing them more (other than my GBA). Recently replayed Soul Reaver 2, one of my fave games ever. Am thinking of doing an article on it for my Bitchin session...thing ismost of you probably won't have a clue what I'm talking about, as very few people I know have played the series! Tch. Am playing Blood Omen at the mo, a REALLY old looking game, with horrendous loading times, but I hae to play it, is part of the Legacy of Kain series. Just bought Blood Omen 2 off eBay - some bitch tried bidding for it in the last 15 seconds, but I knew her game, and quickly rebid! Take that, you git!! And am also about to start Tomb Raider 4, as I've forced my mate John into playing Soul Reaver :P Seeya soon, I will update, I promise!

26th JANUARY Guten Tag! Am doing well on the updating front here aren't I? Ah, but I start back at university tomorow, so let's see what happens then! Have a new picture drawn by yours truly up, and also in the Bitchin section, I have a first for this site - a fanfic! Tis a parody, am not really into all that stuff, and was for me mate Mariane (hey!). Is a LOTR slash fic, and if you don't know what that means, then I suggest you read and find out, heheheh! No more of that though, is a one off. On the film front, Friday was a disappointment, Saw both Ghost Ship and About Schmidt, and thought both were rather dreadful. Ghost Shi(t)p contained GIGANTIC plot holes, and it's only redeeming feature was that it had the sexy Karl Urban in. I thought About Schmidt was gonna be another As Good As It Gets, but was I wrong! Was woefully dull, and probably appeals to those who are over 50, or the young who are old at heart....that make sense? Buuuuut, did see The Lion King at the IMAX (my first ever visit!) and was blown away - the Odeon Leicester Square has been knocked off the top spot for best film quality, I'm afraid.....Also had repeat performances of Chicago (get the soundtrack!) and LOTR TTT, which brings my viewing of that lovely film up to.....7 times! Don't tut! I have a cinema card that let's me see any film as many times I want whenever I want! Oh I love that card, if it were possible to bed it, I would! Um. Ok, bye for now!

19TH JANUARY Hello again you lovely people! I'm attempting to be a good girl and update this here place more often. So, there's new art up by me, 2 new gift arts (one be a collaboration!), and a new article up in me Bitchin page. I do have new photos, but shall save them for another update. On the film front, saw Chicago, and was expecting rubbish, but actually enjoyed it! Richard Gere though........tap dancing? Singing? I nearly wet myself laughing, how nasty! But Asti and John didn't help, sniggering too! I highly advise people to go see it, if just for Richard Gere ;) I don't like him, don't accuse me of that please! *Paniced look* Need now to see 8 Mile uuund The Two Towers again!!! Oh, and if anyone tries to persuade you to see a film called The Transporter, DON'T! Just don't. That film was payback for the Powerpuff Girls movie....

14TH JANUARY *Hangs head in shame* I have been away for so long! My site has passed the 3000 mark, and I missed it! Poor thing.. *Strokes* There ya go. Ooook, loadsa new updates my sexy people! First, 2 new piccys up by me (that all?!), and lots of gift art too! Got new photos, a new rant on my Bitch page, and also a new link! I think the biggest news at the moment has to be that LOTR: TTT is out! Wa hey!!! I still cannot get over the uneeded changes to Faramir, he was one of my fave characters... But bloody hell, that opening with Gandalf and the Balrog was the BEST bit!!!!!!!!! Am I the only person who thinks the Balrog is kinda sexy? *Cough* And I think I'm the only person who had tears in her eyes when Shadowfax came galloping slow-motion onto the screen, heheheh! So gorgeous. This year is gonna be GREAT for films! Lessee, we got the 2 Matrix sequels, XMen2, The Hulk, and of course Return of the King!! I think I'm gonna get upset when that films' credits roll.....Christmas for me was very quiet, but hey, I got a dance mat, so played DDR a lot, trying to rid myself of christmas food and naturally, failing! Have also been to the pub a few times, and it seems that I no longer get drunk after a few bottles of Reef, yes! Ok um, that really isn't news..... Shall try my best to update this place more often! Got some more piccys coming soon, but sadly, they're university ones, I need to do some more personal pics. Take care!


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