"If you all like Jerry clap your hands! If you all like Jerry clap your hands! If you all like Jerry clap your hands! Then slap your hands and fuck your best friend's wife! Ohhh slap your hands and fuck your best friend's wife!" *Clap clap*

And that's basically the tone of the fabulous Jerry Springer the Opera! Definetely not for those opposed to swearing, vulgarity, and anything the least bit shocking. I of course loved it. Am on a bit of a roll here; have enjoyed every musical I've seen so far!

"We eat excrete and watch tv...." Now, during my early teenage years, I and my sister would rush home from senior school, switch on the tv, and laugh for a good half hour at the antics on the Jerry Springer show. Sure, they were no doubt all actors, but so hilarious, especially such episodes like 'I'm actually a man'....it was so bloody obvious! Were these people blind?? So when the opera of the show moved into the Cambridge theatre, I freaked.....for a good few months. An opera - with swearing! That was enough to grab my interest. And the lovely offer for under 25s, well I'd like to hopefully use it again in the future, maybe drag along big group next time...

So in went myself, sister, and friend David. We all had quite low expectations (though admittedly, I was dead excited and expecting a lot, ahem). I rushed into the toilets beforehand, and gasped in 'amazement' at the toilet roll! On all the rolls were musical notes, with the lyrics "That was your Jerry Springer moment" written underneath! How cool is that? One of the rolls was near enough finished, and somehow it managed to fall in my bag - will wonders never cease? My sister was a little worried, thought they'd search my bag, heheh. "What's this? Nicked toilet roll?! To jail with you!"

"I can't go to Hell - I'm Jewish!" We were seated in the middle of row B, the stalls, and there was only one guy on front, so we were practically the front row. I've never sat this close in anything, and had to try and stop my usual fidgeting, as the cast would be able to see my every fidget in full 'glory' ;) About 10 minutes before the performance, 3 of the security guards (including show regular, 'Steve') came and stood at the front, Steve right next to David. And he stared at David with wide eyes and a fierce frown for a good 5 minutes, was hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen him squirm and cower so much! "Is he still looking..?" David kept asking me, hahahah!

The swearing is fantastic! Shocking at first, but by the end, you won't be batting an eye. Just like living in my household really. The clothing of the ensemble was perfect (they were playing the 'audience', heckling and fighting throughout) - such White trash, ahahah! There was this particularly butch guy to the right, with horrible greasy hair, but his gestures were sooo effeminate, and the way he crossed his legs....A 'guest' walked out with baggy trousers, and I just had a feeling he was gonna rip 'em off, and he did indeed - to reveal a huge nappy underneath! Argh! He wished to be treated like a baby, was HORRIBLE! The transexual was wonderful, had a very.....high voice! At the end of the first half, the Ku Klux Klan came out and did a tap dance.....I didn't know how to react at first, but the tap dance did make me laugh ;) Then Jerry Springer is shot, and so the second act is set in Hell (of course!).

Michael Brandon as Jerry Springer is perfect, he's uncannily like the original. Would have been nice if he'd sung, but I suppose he was the 'voice of reason' throughout. He was so funny though - "I can't go to Hell, I'm Jewish!" My fave was of course the bad guy, warm up man Jonathan/Satan (David Bedella)......plus I got a wink from him, heh. He was great, very energetic, constantly stirring everything else up. Liked the hoof as well, ahem! The second half reintroduced the guests from the first half, only now they were religious icons like God, Satan, Jesus, Mary, Adam and Eve...brilliant! A very weird moment, watching Satan and God in a tug of war over Jerry Springer....Best moment was actually the end, where *everyone* comes out, dressed like Mr Springer, and they all do a huge tap dance, whilst singing/chanting "three nippled cousin fucker!" Ahahahahah! Sounds weird, which is why you really have to see it. Quick note - is absolutely BOILING in the theatre! Bring drinks beforehand, save the pennies *said in old granny voice*. Or strip off. You won't really be out of place with the 'audience' onstage.

And as you leave, you get handed a badge. I of course got "three-nippled cousin fucker", now at home on my university bag. A big big BIG thumbs up, but most definetely not for the faint-hearted. Most of the audience there that night seemed aged around 50-plus, and I'd say the most noise was coming from them, ha! So bring your parents along if you wish (though I don't know if I could handle that with mine, gawd).

"This is my Jerrrrrry Spriiiiinger moooooment!"
My Jerry Springer - related artwork!

Click here to buy the Jerry Springer the Opera official cast soundtrack! Swearing a-plenty! :D

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