Lothlorien Nights - Ok, here you will find my one and only ever LOTR slash fanfic. People seem to like reading all that man on man fiction, but I never touch the stuff. There's some VERY odd pairings out there, like the Balrog and Bill the Pony, yeesh! Ok, well this was written for my friend Mariane, to amuse (hopefully!) and scare. It contains a lot of suggestive themes, but because I'm totally against censorship, I advise young people to read it too! :P

Me, me, me - And here we find a short weird fanfic I wrote due to watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert a few too many times! Stars Agent Smith, Elrond, and Mitzi.

Happy birthday! - Aaaaaaaaaand another weird fanfic from me. Twas for my freundin Mariane's 20th birthday, containing herself and various males whom she "adores", to put it politely!

Another 'appy birthday! - For my freunde David's 21st birthday - I wrote this piece of pure nonsense and my sister illustrated it! Tis littered with film and game references, so worry not if you don't have a clue what's going on!


Duhhh? - Fabulous quotes from my fabulous friends of sin!


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