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"Surprised to see me?" asks Agent Smith. I can only sit there in the audience having convulsions as Neo fights another 99 Smiths, all flying about everywhere and getting crushed like ants. I love both Neo and Agent Smith, so who should I support? Both, as long as they keep fighting! In the uncut version, do they fight naked? Yes? Yeah? No? Naw. *Drool, leer*

Those who've been keeping up with my site would know that I am rather Matrix obssessed. The first film was a total surprise for me - great characters, great plot, oh, and great sfx. I can never understand people who don't "get" The Matrix, it's not some really hard crossword puzzle or anything. "I don't get it" they say, eyes crossed, dribbling into their popcorn. The fools! Anyways,when I heard there was gonna be a sequel, I was VERY excited, but also wary, as I personally didn't think the film needed a sequel...or 2. And I realised that my fave character, Agent Smith, wouldn't be in it, as he died in the first one..... Then I saw a teaser trailer, and his face was briefly in it, and I cheered with joy! Yes bitch, yes!

The past few weeks for me have been total agony. The third and final trailer appeared online (then at the cinema, and just about EVERYWHERE else), touted as the "spoiler" trailer. And so, until it's release date, I basically had to walk around with my eyes shut, humming loudly when a scene was shown on tv. No fighting with my sister either(damn), as she would threaten to tell me "what the twins could do", which I definetely didn't wanna know! Everytime we saw a film at the cinema, *that* bloody trailer would screen, and it felt like a good half hour before I could finally open my eyes! But I made it, and when I finally saw the film, everything was new for me - I gasped when the twins suddenly went all ghost like,when Neo first flew, when Trinity jumped out that window at the beginning....ahhh.

So you wanna know what I thought of it? Not as good as the first, but then that doesn't surprise you, does it? I can't see how some people like the sequel better. Storyline matters the most to me, and this one feels sadly lacking. The "wow, that's so unbelievable" factor is no longer there, but that's to be expected. Unless they all acted the film naked, and said their lines backward. That would be unexpected :) Now we all should know by now that I'm a pervert, but doesn't anyone else think that the perverted scenes in this film (I'm talking about the woman and her exciting cake) were not needed? Totally lowered the tone to me, suddenly felt too male-exclusive. I have nothing against a Trinity and Neo sex scene (heh, mmm), but that other scene just had me frowning. And omigawd, can anyone tell me which scene felt the most fanfic-inspired? That's right, Neo kissing that....program woman, whatsherface. "Kiss meee and I'll 'elp you!" Trinity, shoot the bitch! Guys in the audience no doubt would love to be "caught" in a situation like that ;) I wanna get caught in a situation where I have to kiss all 100 Agent Smiths, and Morpheus as my bit on the side :P

Tch, listen to me, being all negative. Did I mention I also LOVED the film? The action was AMAZING, a lot better than the first (bigger and better, the the true sign of a Hollwood sequel). I loved the way everyone jumped, legs and arms behind them, leaping out towards (usually) certain death. Did I also mention I loved the Neo versus 100 Agent Smiths scene? Well I did! I actually couldn't stop laughing throughout it, so many cool moments, and it seems that Agent Smith has become the king of one-liners. He was pretty funny in this film, I'm not sure whether I prefer his kinda more machine-like attitude in the first film, or the smart-arse version we now see. Hrmmm. And for the first time ever, I felt like crying in a Matrix film! That scene at the end, with Trinity dying, crying and looking all helpless really got to me. She's usually so cool, emotionless, keeps herself together, but there at the end..... well, I was truly convinced she died. When Neo brought her back, I wanted to cheer. My sister said it was obvious she'd come back, but I think it's *obvious* that either Neo, Morpheus or Trinity is gonna die in the third film. Perhaps all 3!! And Agent Smith will live, and rule Zion. As Queen.

Well anyways, I loved it, wanna see again (WILL see again!). By the way, see the pic of Neo and Agent Smith at the top? Don't you think it looks like they're cuddling? Hands on top of one another, other hand reaching behind the head.....Or am I reading into it too much? :P Gawd, it's like Proffessor Xavier and Nightcrawler all over again....


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