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Metal Gear Solid 2. Ohhh I had such high hopes for that game. Lemme just say though that it's an incredibly fun game to play, the graphics are still the best I've seen done on the PS2, and a lot of time and effort obviously went into it. Wait a sec, I'm meant to be complaining here! Here's my main reason:

Raiden and Rose.

Us, the consumers, bought that game to play as Solid Snake. Solid Snaaake! About perhaps a third or under into the game, Snake "dies", and a brand new character, Raiden, complete with floppy He-Man style hair makes his first entrance on the scene. Hrmmm, he's ok, a little whiney, but I'll give him a chance. "Beep beep"Oooh, it's the Codec! Ahhh, greetings Colonel, long time no see! You have someone with you? Rose? Who? Why does she keep asking what day it is?? Stop contacting me! No no, all I wanna do is save! Help!

And that was pretty much it for the rest of the game, her constant whining to Raiden, and his constant complaining to near enough EVERYONE around him. Ahah, but a character named "Iriquois" makes his debut, and is screamingly obvious even before he speaks that it's Snake, alive and well. Excellent! That means we'll get to play as him again, right? Right? I would like to personally strangle all the testers for this game, as it seems not a single one of them turned round to the creator, Hideo Kojima, and told him that he'd made the biggest mistake of his life! Oh Snake's there for the rest of the game, but we're not gonna be able to play as him. I think it's some kind of vile torture the creators threw upon us.

Solid Snake (Dave to his friends) is one of the BEST video game characters out there, even if he is a rip-off of a movie character. I think the reason many people still prefer MGS to it's graphically superior sequel is due to the fact that we could play as Snake the ENTIRE way through the game! Ok, so he was a bit of a man-slut throughout the entire game, flirting with anything remotely female (would flirt with a brick if he could get away with it!), but that's what made it fun. What's worse, there's a scene in MGS2 where you *have* to play as Raiden bloody should have been Snake!! Ok, my fangirl colours are probably glowing right now, but that was such a wasted oppourtunity, makes me wanna cry!

And at the game's finale, it's Raiden who kills Solidus. Shouldn't it have been Snake? I mean, killing family members and comrades is his "thing" after all - Big Boss, Grey Fox, and Liquid Snake, all raise your hands. Well, not Liquid, as he has 'immortality' through Ocelot and his arm(that HAS to have been the stupidest idea in the whole game!!). But anyways, Raiden willingly plays out his chess piece part to the Patriots, and then walks off to a bloated Rose. Oh did I mention she was pregnant? Probably with the Colonel.

Heh, I'm such a bitch. I did love this game ya know! It would probably be my fave game of all time if it weren't for the above elements. I've still bought the figures, artbooks, and posters, I mean it is my duty, but all I can say is MORE SNAKE PLEASE!

P.S. I'm well aware of MGS2: Substance and am counting down the days...*Slurp*

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