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This is aimed at those gamers brave and stupid enough to challenge the likes of Silent Hill 2! *Points to members of the audience who cower at the mention of this game* Yeah, you! I have been told by generally all my gaming friends that I am a *total wimp* when it comes to horror games. Oh, and a panicer(that a word? Now it is!). Let me explain..

Picture the scene. Mr James Sunderland is walking down a dark, quiet corridor. This horrible off-putting music in the background is making your hands sweat just thinking of what horrible creation is about to leap out from a shadow. Hrmmm, nothing there. I'm safe! And just as that thought calms you, some shrieking bloody thing staggers out from nowhere and proceeds to whack you over the head with a steel pipe or whatever. Now how do you react? Like a proper gamer should, by turning round and bloody shooting the thing? Of course you do. Well, then there's me, the panic gamer, who instantly shrieks and is so scared that she throws the controller out of her hand and somewhere into the darkness of her room, while James is bleeding all over the place. Oh look, he's dead, whoops!

I'm otherwise a calm and collected gamer. No really! There's just *something* about this game that scares me even thinking about it. Before I went into a new room, I had to bite my lower lip realllly hard, cos otherwise there was the possibility that I might scream if there was *something* on the other side. Like a bloody nurse! I think there should perhaps be a massive, neon, glowing warning label on the front that says "If you're a panic gamer, DO NOT play this game unless you won't to be lying awake till 4 in the morning fretting over events in the game". Oh, and the 4am thing happened, to ummm, someone I know. Damn Pyramid Head..........

I know two people so far who have played or are playing through the game, and they too shudder and pull haunted expressions at the mention of Silent Hill 2. It's a cursed place, only nasty people, idiots, and the Scots are sent there! But um yeah, they have their own nasty little stories to tell, and they too have jumped. Just not to my extent, damn!

I think the worst thing about it all is that I could never make it through the entire game, watched my sister do the rest! Oh I am such a wimp! I made it up to the prison, and was too disturbed. I mean, games are meant to be fun, aren't they? I literally felt ill at the thought of playing that game, yet I have no objections to watching it...most of the time, heh. And that bit later on, with the 2 Pyramid Heads.....well, I think the controller would have been tossed right out my window! James would have been a red stain on the floor in seconds!

Heheheh, have I put you all off playing Silent Hill 2? Or have I "inspired" you to go play it now? It is good, honest! The music's fantastic, character design is gruesomely nice, and it's certainly an....experience. Go on, you know wanna! Just don't come crying to me when you're MENTALLY SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!! Good day.

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