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We all go through obsessions, right? Right! I go through them constantly, whether they be over a film, book, character, type of food, etc. Well, there's one that's stayed with me over the course of a few years now. It should have left me long ago, departed for the West. But no, it's lingered, forever haunting my steps, seductively whispering in my ear to just *give in*. I am of course talking about the almighty STARBUCKS, praise to thee! *Collapses on floor, praying to huge, golden Starbucks mug*

It all started a few years back. I'd never heard of Starbucks in my life! Then up in grotty Enfield Town, one suddenly appeared. "Oooooh, wot's this?" inquired naive younger me, and in I went to the awaiting open jaws of Starbucks! Such a big list of weird sounding drinks, all I wanted was a hot chocolate! Now in the early days of this one, staff used to actually bring the drink to you (can't imagine that now, somehow!). As the guy approached my sister and I seated at our high table (feet dangling on our seats), he tripped, and managed to spill half the contents everywhere, including drips on us. Being a typical Enfielder, he didn't apologise, and glared at us as if it was our fault he was a clumsy idiot. Eheheh! I was swayed away from the taste of Starbucks hot chocolate forever after this; perhaps I was left bitter after my first encounter in there. Idiot!

Ok, so my relationship with Starbucks got off to a pretty rubbish start. But of course, that ain't the end of my story! Deciding to be brave, I ventured in there again a few weeks later, deciding this time to go for a coffee. "Mocha? Expresso? Latte? Ay?" Choosing eventually a latte, as it was the only one I'd heard of before, twas served before me, and I took a sip. *Drum roll*

"Mmmm, pretty nice, rather creamy............I like!" Little did I know at the time that I would never again ask for another drink, and that latte would soon become a name both feared and admired!!!!! Feared by my friends, admired (and totally devoted to) by me! I just love it so much, almost feel like I have a relationship with it! Somedays it's good, others it's alright....I find it all depends on the location (usually). The Starbucks at Leicester Square is my absolute favourite in the whooole of London. I think it's the combination of excitment, a great atmosphere, and a cup of my favourite drink that adds to the overall quality of it. Most of the Starbucks in central London are nice, except for the one next to Tower Records at Piccadilly Circus, that was a viiiiiiiile taste, who knows what they put in that! I shudder to think! (Why am I thinking dodgy thoughts now?). Enfield Town's lattes are mixture of class and outright dirt. The nasty ones I put down to laziness and Enfileditis.

So what is the point to this random burst of sadness from yours truly, I hear you ask? I warn all those who haven't caught the Starbucks bug to cease laughing now, as it could be coming to an area near you! I have heard Starbucks be compared to the plague - that it spreads quickly and soon takes over (though I must live in the only part of London which DOESN'T have a Starbucks nearby, how typical is that?). Aaaanyways, my friends used to laugh at me as I fled towards the nearest Starbucks, eyes wide, mouth drooling. "Mwa, how sad!" they used to jeer, as I calmly walked out, clutching a cup of latte which was ALL MINE!!!! But oh look, now they drink from it! They drink from that "expensive, bland" place. And they enjoy it! Oh some have not yet found the light concerning lattes, but they will.

They will. *Sharpens Starbucks knife*

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